20 Weird Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

weird websites
weird websites

Weird Websites: The World of web is having many interesting, funny and weird things. Here all you have to do is explore them to get rid of your boredom. However, can you do it?

Mostly, you can’t because on average it is estimated that the internet is hosting over 2 billion incredible websites. So that’s a huge number, even if you start checking one by one you will take around 2000plus years to visit those sites.

But luckily, you do not need to have a glance at all websites to explore weird websites. Because we have done that work for you, here, all you have to do is just sit back and stay wowed by having a glance at these 20 weird websites.

Here weird means it does not mean any web design, development or any other informative sites. It is all about the weird concept and purpose of the website. We have picked this list exactly on this point only so you will enjoy this list of 20 weird websites.

20 Weird Websites of 2017:

This list consists of 20 weird websites of 2017. Although this list is not organized with ranks or so. You can quickly have a glance at each and enjoy. So let us get on the list of best weird websites of 2017.

  1. CorgiOrgy:

When you think about visiting a strange site? You should visit this corgi orgy site because this is one of the weird sites on the internet. Once you visit this site, you will see many animated dogs apart from that you can see two big cut looking dogs walking.

As the larger version of dogs come from the left side, you will just feel weird. Most of them think that why they created this site without any sort of content or use. It is impossible to understand why the creators had wasted their money on this site; this is a weird feeling for almost anyone who sees this site.

This site is corgi orgy site is founded in 2012, and since then it is live, and it is running. It has been almost five years, and still, this site is up and running. Some people even think this orgy site as a fun place to watch the little dog fun animation.

Here there is another thing you have to see that it is if you click on the larger dogs. It will take you to the other site where you can create gifs. Mostly that is the reason behind this site; I am not sure about that, but maybe I think so.

If you are the one who wants to visit a weird site to have fun. Then you can visit this site because after seeing this site you will just have weird reactions on your face by viewing the website.

  1. Eelslap:

Eel slap is another weird place you have to visit in 2017. This weird site will give you more fun with just an Eel and a mouse. Who will think that slapping someone with an Eel can happen? Here on this site, you can slap with an eel; this will give you great fun? It is genuine, and fun is guaranteed in this eel slap site.

Creativity has no bounds, and we can know that with this weird and funny site. Mr. Per Stenius found this eelslap site in 2011. He has woke up from the bed and said I’d let people hit a face with an Eel”. Therefore, his bedtime idea has turned into a weird and funny website Eelslap.

If you are a new visitor to his site, then you might find this very funny and at the start, you might not identify the Eel instead of that you will think this as a black rope. But when you have a glance at it closely, you can find the eel.

In this site, you can slap a man just with your mouse cursor. Here all you have to do is move your cursor towards the man, and you can see the slap. If you move your cursor fast, then eel movement will be fast but if, you want to slow motion. You have to move your cursor slowly then you can see everything correctly.

As it is a simple page with white background, apart from the movement box.  You can see the slow motion moment. At the start, I wonder how he has done that because it requires good coding skills along with creativity. So, eelslap is, of course, one the best pick of mine in this list of weird websites.

  1. Falling Falling:

The name itself suggests that this is a strange site. Generally, for a seven years old site you will expect some informative content or something else. But when you have a glimpse at this site, you will just find one thing that is falling falling.

When you enter into this website, you can see the “falling falling” movement, which means you, will see the sliding motion of colors. I do not know why they created this, but as per my knowledge, this site might be designed for “meditation” purpose.

Here in this site, you can see lots of color abstracts shapes. When you watch this site, it will create an illusion by overlapping each other colors. If you have a glance at this site for a minute or more, you will feel the illusion with your own eyes.

Along with that illusion, you can also feel the music, as there will be some music playing on this site. Rafael Rozendaal founded this falling falling site in 2011. By far, this is another weird site, which has no purpose. I think, Rafael only knows the purpose of his site.

  1. Rainy Mood:

Rainy mood is one of the popular site, which helps you to relax and sleep peacefully. But why I am calling this site as the weird place. It is because you will find rain music in this rainy mood site, although it helps you to relax, but it will feel weird at the start.

In the busy life we often want to change our mood, so if you are thinking about that, then this rainy mood is a useful platform for you. Although most of you might not be interesting on this site, few people who love rain can actually change their mood by visiting this site.

When you enter into this site, you will feel the “Rain Noise” “thunders” and more. By listing to this, you will just feel like rain is falling in your surroundings. This site helps you to free up your mind in most of the situations. For suppose if you hear lots of noise around you then you can just keep headphones and visit this site to feel the rain music.

This Rainy Mood site is the viral site, and that popularity has forced its founders to launch android and IOS apps for this site. Either you can download android or IOS apps, or you can just visit this site to listen to rain music.

In general, Rain noise has something that can boost concentration by just fading all the other sounds, which are distracting you. This point has been scientifically proved, and that is why the founders created this weird and famous site.


  1. The Nicest Place on the Internet:

The Nicest Place on the Internet, I know this site might sound little “awful, ” but this is the site name. This site is definitely the weird and exciting site where you can get Cheerios any hour of any day.

I think “The Nicest Place on the Internet” is created to help people to beat their depression. Mostly in this busy world, people do not just care about others, and they even do not want to stare at others to smile. When you come to the online world, this is similar to that condition “No one wants to wave hands” rather than just giving a pal expressions.

But, when you come to this site, you will see other people who will just wave hands and cheers you guys in any situation and at any time. For this reason, I have listed this site in this list of weird sites.

Firstly when you have a glance at this site, you will find a girl cheering for you with all weird reactions. Then another dude follows that and that followed by an old man and so on. If you are browsing this site for the first time, then you will feel weird with their expressions and reactions.

I mostly think these videos on this website are pre-recorded videos. I don’t believe that site owners will be sitting and waving their hands for the whole day.  If you are interested in visiting weird sites on the internet then you have to look at this site.

  1. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa:

The Name itself suggest that these weird websites. When I first saw this name, I felt who could keep this unpronounced name as a domain name. I though the founder of this site is a crazy and weird, isn’t that right?

This “heyyeyaayaaaeyaeyaa” site concept is about the “He-Man.” In this website “he-man” will sing the “what’s up song. When I first visited this site, I just thought why they created the site.

I am pretty sure that your reaction will be similar to my reaction because you won’t find anything on this site. Although this is not that great site to visit but this is one of the weird sites to visit at least once that is why I included this site on the list.

This site was started in 2011, and still, this site is running. May be this founder might have something on He-man that is why he created this site and had been running for so long.

  1. The Quiet Place Project:

Most of the people call this “the Quiet Place Project” as the weird site, but it is not that weird site. I can say that because it is a site, which can help you to get away from all your modern day annoying problems.

I actually, listed this site as the weird site because some people will feel this site as the weird site. Therefore, I have listed this site on the list. This project will give you an inner reflection of your own life. It will declutter your mind and help you to stay calm in your mind.

If you are looking to get rid of your day-to-day work stress, then you should be visiting this site. When you visit this site, you can find a caption that quite place project. Besides, it will say that join millions of souls who are already clam. Here all you have to is click see why and then you feel why this site is useful.

  1. Zoom Quilt:

Zoon Quilt is basically a best optical illusion website I have ever seen. This Zoom Quilt is, of course, a weird site because it does nothing apart from zooming on images. In this site, you can see the infinitely zooming image.

The zooming will not stop at any movement, and when you have a glance at this website for a minute, then you will feel that your head is spinning. Then you will only close this site, apart from zooming image this site won’t do anything.

Coming to the pictures, they are cute graphics images, which ripe through various colors and sectors. This picture zoom will not get you bored, but you can’t see that for a long time because your head will start spinning.

Few people find mental peace in a while seeing these images, and few people will think differently. So it particularly depends on the mindset of the viewer that is why I left it for you. You can visit this site just by typing zoom Quilt; apart from that, this site has an android app as well.

  1. Ansomnia:

Ansomnia is another weird yet creative site you have to visit at least once to see the next level creativity. This Ansomnia is basically a pencil drawing, where some pictures of a sleeping girl appear on your screen.

When you first visit this site, you will be asked for microphone and web cam permission. When you give permission, it will take you to a sleeping girl. When you swift off your room lights the website will soon turn into the night mode, and the girl will sleep. Then you can see bulb breaks and all the other stuff, which will be happening there.

This is another weird site you have to touch when you are thinking about to visit weird sites. I really tried to know the concept of this site, but all I can know is it is about the “light sensitivity.” This website is nearly working from 8years, so you have to have a glance at this site.

  1. Omglasergunspewpewpew:

This site is totally a weird and weirdest site on this list. Well, I am not saying this by the statement by seeing the strange name. I am saying this site is funny by having a glance at this website. This site has no concept and purpose. Omglasergunspewpewpew is just a weird game where you can see a squirrel.

In this game, the squirrel will be armed with a gun, and it will randomly shoot Donald trump. Well, most people say random objects, but mostly you can find Donald trump in this weird game.

So, in this game, you have to shoot Donald trump and some fruits which come in your way. The sounds in this game were awful you can hear “ pew pew” sounds. So, mostly that’s the reason why this founder has kept this name “Omglasergunspewpewpew.”

Here interesting part of this website is it was founded in 2006, and since then it is live and working. I do not think that the founder of this site used Donald trump from the start of this site. I believe he added Donald trump with recent controversies. I do not know exactly about that because I have seen this site recently. I think MR. Joshua Hamman, the founder of this website, will know this answers.

  1. Map Crunch:

Map Crunch is a random street view site which teleports to the random points on the globe. This is obviously a weird site, which shows where you should be. With this weird site, you can find new and exciting travel destinations, which you have never visited.

This Map Crunch is a random street view site, which shows you different locations. I don’t have any particular reason to tell you about this site. However, I can say that Map crunch is a site, which you can visit for few seconds.

Mostly to use all types of maps works we got used to google maps and street views. Therefore, you do not have to use this site, but you can visit this site to encourage the creative entrepreneur Mr. Nick Nicholaou. He started this Map Crunch site seven years ago, and still this site is up and running.

  1. Omfg Dogs:

OMFG Dogs is similar to the corgi orgy, which I have listed on this weird website’s list. This OMFG Dogs site is having dogs on this site. I am pretty sure that the founder of this site might be a dog lover.

That is the reason why he created this dogs running site. When you visit this site, you will just see two things. One is a group of dogs running throughout the website, and another one is the creepy music. Apart from the music, you can see the moving background animation letters “Dogs.”

This is a single page website, which is having only dogs, and music apart from that it is not having anything on it. I am damn sure that site owner will not earn a single penny on this site. Why is he spending money on this website? I think, its founder itself can answer this question. Without any doubt, this site should be listed on weird sites lists that is why I have included this site.

  1. Pointer Pointer:

Pointer pointer is another weird site you have to visit when you want to get rid of boredom. In this site, all you have to do is move your cursor by moving the cursor you can see different images.

This site is created by studio moniker, and this weird site only supports in Firefox or chrome. If you are using internet explorer, then you cannot browse this site, so it is better to open this site from chrome browser.

There is no doubt this site is a weird and creative site you should have a glance at. This Pointer pointer site is an experiment of the pointer retrieval. Whenever visitor points out their cursor on this site, it shows the pointer image which is suitable for your point. This is obviously a funny site to get rid of your boredom. You can simply pass your time with this weird site.

  1. ProCatInator:

If you love cats, then you will surely love this funny site procatinator. This site is having a blend of cat GIFs with music. Procatinator shows many music mix cat gifs, which makes you laugh. You can see cat poking gifs, cat-swimming gifs, cat playing gifs and more.

Although with all these cat stuff, it might give some internal comfort to people who love cats. However, for others, this will be another weird site with no compelling content. This procatinator site was founded in 2011, and still, it is working.

So, by that, you can say that founder is cat lover because he won’t earn any money from this site. Even though he is not earning anything he is investing in that website, so I am sure, he might be the cat lover.

  1. Nooooooooooooooooo:

Obviously, by seeing the name, you can get to know that this a weird website. If you have enough time in your hands, then you can time pass on this weird site. In this site, you can see the star wars, star wars lightsabers pic saying that “NOooooooo.” Apart from that when you scroll down this page, you can see a caption which says “press in dire situations.”

Below that caption, you will find a blue button at the center of the page. If you press that blue button then you will hear a sound that says “ Nooooooo” Sound. That is it you will not find anything on this website other than that.

This is the reason why I have included this weird site on this list because you asked for weird sites. The shocking part of this website is it has completed almost eight long years without any trouble. I Don’t have any idea about what the founder of this site is thinking about this site, so I am leaving that for you.

  1. Tholman Textur:

The tholman texture is a creative website, which can be called as the weird site. This site has a blank canvas with a customization panel on the right side.

You can type whatever you want in the customization panel on your right. After writing just move your move cursor while you are moving your cursor, you can see the text you have written will gets sprayed out in a beautiful and organized way.

Apart from that beautiful way, this is also having pressure points. Here pressure points mean how fast your cursor is moving that much fast the text will flow in this pressure points you can adjust font size accordingly by going to the customization panel.

This tholman texture is probably the best platform, which has both creativeness and weirdness that’s the reason for this inclusion. With this effective tholman texture you can set the background color, text color, and you can change the font sizes as well.

  1. Exit Mundi:

Exit Mundi is the awkward site, which shows about the collection of end of the world scenarios. Well, most of the people don’t like this site because of its collection, but some individuals who believe in world ending will love this site.

As we are talking about the weird sites on this list, I have included this site. Exit Mundi platform will collect all the world-ending scenarios, and it will place those scenes on their webpage. By seeing that website, I am damn sure that people behind this site have done lots of groundwork and research to keep these situations.

In this exit Mundi website, you can find lots of content. Actually, this site is an article based website which tells you facts which have happened. I’m sure that most of the people will love to read these articles because these are facts.

If you are searching for a weird site to pass your time, then this is one of the best picks for you. Because of the content, you can stay a bit longer on this site than other weird sites.

  1. I Look Like Barack Obama:

I look like Barack Obama is an Another weird site on this list of weird websites. The sites start with a caption “ Hi, My Name is Trevor, and I look like Barack Obama.”

But to be frank, he will not even have similarities with Barack Obama face. This guy is just blowing the minds of people with his hilarious statements. If you want to laugh, then you can visit this “ I look like Barack Obama” site.

Apart from that he also says that “ lots of people stopped him on the streets and aksed him about the taxes and healthcare such things.” Isn’t that funny and don’t you feel that he is lying? What else it may be it can give you some comedy so you should try this site.

  1. The Beatles never broke up:

The Beatles never broke up is a site which says about the conspiracy theories, parallel universes, and some other creative stuff. In this website, you can see the site features as “Beatles” album. Besides, from there you can download some songs off the platform.

The founder of this site claims that cassette was never released and hence this is proof that the Beatles never broke up. In this site you can only hear “ Beatles never break up, break up and break up. This point has made me include this site in the weird websites list.

  1. Anomalies Unlimited:

If you are a true believer of conspiracy theories then that is great or else you will soon believe them when you visit this site. This website is a conspiracy theory website similar the Beatles never break up the site.

Here the theories are not mere ideas, all these methods displayed on this site are true, and they are more than believable. This site will explain all the stories of historical events starting from Alien writing to murder theories and so on.

In this anomalous unlimited you can see news, discoveries, death, chemtrail page, optical illusions and more.


These are all about the 20 weird websites you have to have a glance at in 2017. I hope you all found some interesting and weird sites on this list. If you think that, I have missed any of your favorite weird site in this list. Then you can let me know in comments section below. I’ll have a look at that site, and I will include them in this post.


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