Top Paid Android Apps – Which is Your Favorite?

Top Paid Android Apps

We are always excited to use free stuff, though it’s not always the best thing when used. This remark is applicable on Android Apps too. Google Play store is full of some amazing free apps. But, if you wish to use an app which is free from ads, and doesn’t compromise or leak your personal data, then you need to shell out some money as there are useful paid apps available for a nominal amount on Google Play Store.

As an Android user, one needs to support these paid apps as they are made with utmost care to give you the best user experience. Google Play gift cards are specially designed for Indians to promote the purchasing of these apps. If you also have a Google Play Gift Card, here is the list of paid Android apps which are worth investing.

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Top Paid Android Apps

Nova Launcher Prime

Not much long ago many Android users downloadedlauncher apps to get the stock Android look on their OEM device. But, with the update in launcher apps, the user can do much more than just getting a theme installed on their smartphones. The paid version of Nova Prime Launcher allows the user to do customization with the help of different features. You can change the gesture like swiping down on the home screen, customize the notification or hiding the apps which are rarely used. The best way is to download the free version of Nova Launcher and get the Prime version once you find it worthy of paying at Rs. 150.

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Pocket Casts

The developer used to build the apps focusing on iOS before, but now many are supporting the Android. If you are looking for a best-paid app on all platforms, Pocket Cast will be one of them. This application has a unique display theme which grabs the attention. The paid one is filled with features like queuing favorite shows, trimming silences, changing play speed, skipping intros and much more. This app is available on Play Store at Rs. 199.

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Simple for Facebook Pro

Are you tired of getting sponsored post and ads on your Facebook page? Simple for Facebook Pro is like a premium version for Facebook mobile. You can access your account, browse without being distracted by any sponsored post, and reply to message without downloading the Facebook Messenger. With Simple for Facebook Pro, you can install colorful themes to make your Facebook browsing fun. Just pay Rs. 95 for Simple for Facebook Pro and it will be worth every penny.

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Solid Explorer Classic Unlock

Solid Explorer Classic Unlock is one of the most popular paid apps on Play Store. This is the best-looking file manager and cloud manager designed for the Android Phones. With two independent panels, the file browsing experience has become much smoother. The user can browse from multiple locations and transfer the files to the desired location quickly. With drag and drop feature, work on the files by using quirky animations. To ensure the working of Solid Explorer Classic Unlock seamlessly, make sure your smartphone doesn’t have any software which blocks the permission settings for Solid Explorer. This app is available at a mere price of Rs. 112.59.

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Weather Live

Are you living in a place where the weather has the power to surprise you? Weather Live is a paid app that gives accurate alerts on the home screen of your Android phone. This weather app has amazing animated wallpapers that will show you the forecast for the day. One can also install the widget and get real-time weather condition updates. Set the timing as per 12 or 24 hours’ format, get updated weather forecast 24*7, wind speed, humidity rate and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The Weather Live App is available on Play Store at Rs. 130.

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Swype Keyboard

A specially designed virtual keyboard of Android smartphone or tablets, Swype is a paid keyboard app you won’t regret purchasing. This app is built for those who like to type faster. Just install the Swype Keyboard and glide the figure or stylus around the alphabets to form the words. You can create personal languages, so next time you just have to choose the word instead of tapping. For users in India, there is Hindi Transliteration by using an English keyboard. You can download 100 languages and dialects, type words in two languages at once, best-in-class voice recognition and gestures like Select All, Copy, Paste, Cut or Search.

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Password Saver

We live in a digital age and passwords are the key or access to all our digital data and other accounts. However, with so many different platforms or profiles, it becomes difficult to remember all the passwords. Well, here’s Password Saver by bit8 Development. This app is a safe and secured option to manage and save all your passwords at one place. Remember, all the accounts and passwords on the app are safeguarded within the phone itself. In addition to that, all these data are further encrypted to ensure the safety and security of all your passwords.

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Over to you!

The Android app developer community is growing every day and making applications for the best smartphone experience. As Google understands the value of Indian market, it has launched Google Play gift cards to ease the process for buying the paid apps. We are not saying that the free apps are bad. But if you are keen on keeping your data private, avoid unwanted ads or pop-ups; then these paid apps won’t disappoint you. Also, the above-listed apps are pretty handy for your daily life. Be it managing the apps, giving your Android smartphone a new makeover, checking on social media update, getting entertained or just checking the weather; these paid apps will help you do all. Do set some budget for these paid apps and you won’t be disappointed. Let us know, if there is any paid app you find worthy to be included in this list.


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