Ten best Games like Age of Empires

games like age of empires
games like age of empires

Games like Age of Empires: Age of Empires has been sitting on the top when it comes to the real-time strategy games (RTS) genre. This game has seven titles, and the first title of this age of empires series was released in 1997. Since the first title onwards, this game has attracted many fans towards it.

The game covers the era of Europe, Africa, and Asia from spanning Stone Age to the Iron Age. Age of Empires game is all about the players who will manage the formation of an army, building their troops, building their empire, managing resources, and concurring enemies.

This attractive game covers all the players’ needs and apart from the boredom games, this game allows users to walk on their path and decide what to do in the game world. AOE game has been the best and most commercially successful franchise within this real-time strategy genre.

As you can see, the commercial success can say the success story of this game. So I don’t have to say specially that it is the game of the generation. However, playing this game repeatedly might bring boredom. Therefore, I have come with the list of best games like age of empires you can play to have some fun.


10 Best games like Age of Empires:


  1. The Anno Series:

Download: Android.

The Anno series comes under the particular category of the age of empires. This anno series is a popular real-time strategy video game series with lots of related economic elements.

Anno series will have lots of business simulation and city building elements in its game. This game involves the resource management, colony building, and management of small islands and so on. Along with economic activities, this game will also have combat, trade and other diplomacy elements.

Various developers develop this anno series game, and it is currently published under the control of Ubisoft.  The anno series of games offers some great mixture of graphics and user-friendly interface. The Recent game in this series is the Anno online, which is completely free to play the game, which can be played in your web browser itself.

As you can see, there are many anno games available, but all these games will have similar gameplay, mechanics, features and user controls. All parts in this series will focus on the particular period in the history.

As I said, anno series will have similar gameplay throughout the series, but the main change that takes place in every series is the place and the year. In almost all anno series, the player starts from a small and unknown country, which should be developed and expanded, with the world.

The player should protect his place from various enemies and dangerous attacks at the same time; he has to build their kingdom and manage all the economic needs of his place. That is why this game will come from the group of games like age of empire.


  1. The Settlers Online:

Download: Website.

The settlers online is another great game which is similar to the games like age of empires. This settler online comes under the real-time strategy game; you can see lots of real-time strategy elements in this game such as combat, empire, fun and so on.

You can have lots of fun by playing this unique game. Coming to the concept, it is similar to the age of empires game. Here the player will start with a small piece of land, and from that, he has to start his game by increasing his empire and by building required buildings. He should also protect his kingdom from all sort of enemies and troubles.

In this game, you can structure the growth of your empire and then you can start conquering the world. At the commencement of this game, you will small group of villagers to help you out in collecting all the required resources for your empire.

You have to complete your missions, and you should lead your troops to success and capture other empires resources. This game has many ties with the famous settler’s series games. Along with that, the gameplay of almost all settlers’ series is similar.

This game is available for freemium, which means you can play free version, but this free version will have some premium options. You can simply unlock lots of undiscovered places and resources by premium purchase. This is one of the games like age of empire, and you can play this game for hours.

Settlers online is having plenty of levels to unlock, and it is having lots of advanced levels where you can visit bandit camps to defeat, and you can even fight and be friends with other empires in this game. This is excellent free to play strategy game you have to try if you are a fan of real-time strategy game.


  1. EMPIRE: four kingdoms:

Download: Android.

Empire is another online strategic game, which you should try. This game has a similar gameplay to the AOE. Empire is available in all range of platforms such as smartphones, tablets, browsers and more.

To play this game on these platforms, you should search for the title Empire: four kingdoms. This is the actual name of the empire game. This game is another real-time strategy game, which helps you to play with freedom.

Coming to the concept of the game, this is similar to the above games. The player in this empire game will have better medieval options than other games. Here the player should take a little settlement from its very early days and then he has to create a powerful empire. In this game, you have to create a dominant team so that no other player has dared to challenge you in the battle.

As you get used to the age of empires, you will simply get used to the basic of this game quickly because the gameplay and start will look similar for both of these games. This game is having the right mix of PvP and PvE combat works. So new players will have an enjoyable experience when he is designing his empire.

You can rule this game with complete control over your units, combat strategies, building placements and so on. As you are taking your own decision in the game so you can simply enjoy this game on any basis. That is the reason why I have included this free to play strategy game in these games like age of empires list.


  1. The Rise of Nations:

Download: Website.

While we are talking about the games like age of empire, most of you might get this game in their mind. It is because this is another fabulous game, which is known by lots of age of empire users. If you are not sure about this game, then you had to play this game because this game is as enjoyable and competitive game as the age of empires.

The gameplay of this rise of nation is similar to the AOE, graphics, and user interface options are similar with minor color changes. The rise of the nation is a good real-time strategy game you should try.

This game was released in 2003, and it has gained millions of fans with its combat battles and territorial battles. You can simply play this game for hours without any boredom in your mind. Coming to the concept of the game, the player will be given a city, you have to rule over the city, and you have to construct all buildings and territories in your town.

Apart from building colonies, you should also focus on maintaining the territories. After building several territories, you have to battle combats with the other territories, and you have to add them to your conquer list.  As this whole process is similar to the games like age of empires, you will feel very comfortable in playing this game.

Here to complete all stages in this game you have to focus on your economics more than your combat heroics. When you have the economic success, you can collect many resources and so you can be more dominant. The rise of the nation is a great single player game you should try to get rid of your boredom.


  1. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of the war:

Download: Andriod.

Warhammer 40000 dawn of the war is another real strategy game, which is similar to the age of empires game. This game provides fresh militaristic approach than the AOE game. Warhammer is an ideal game for those who want to deal with great military wars and fearful battles.

This game is having many humor, action, and science fiction elements so that you can simply enjoy playing this game. If you are keen to play real time strategy with more battles, then this gameplay will help you. You can find out several locations in this game, apart from that you can use maps to target your enemies.

To target enemies with maps you have to make these maps as your strategic points, and later on, you have to develop your troops to generate resources to move a step head from enemies. After you, collect resources now it is time to develop your buildings in those locations.

Here in the game, you can be either defensive, or you can attack them more fearfully. With the help of those strategic points. If you are planning to play alternative games to AOE, then you should try this game.


  1. American Conquest:

Download: Android. 

American Conquest is a game that has strong features and technology covered in the game. This game takes you back to the history of the 15th century in the colonial era. In this game, the main concept is to focus on building civilization.

Apart from building civilization, you have to create bases to your city. After you create stations, you have to take control of your resources and other economic elements. This game is similar to the other games like age of empires, but you have to concentrate more on the multiple military troops in this game.

Creating various military groups will help you to balance your troops in combat. You can have a complete control on your troops with the aid of real-time strategic system. As this game has the facility of playing with three single player campaigns those are English, French, and Spanish. If you want to have Native American, then you have to reach the advanced level.

This game is having the multiplayer feature so you can take advantage of the several battling battles at a time. American Conquest is a game you should try to get rid of boredom.


  1. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3:

Download: Website.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a worthy game to try. This is a similar game to AOE, which is having similar mechanics, gameplay, and features as well. The environment of this game is good when compared to the other real-time strategy games.

Coming to the concept of the game, the player will start his play from that World War 2 time. Here you will find three groups named as the Soviet Union. These troops will fight against each other to gain control and to rule the world.

You should select any of these forces, and you should experience their unique powers. Here you can also enjoy the cooperative mode. The cooperative mode means you can choose to play with your friends. This game helps you to get rid of boredom and helps you to play for hours. With all these unique abilities and combat modes, this game proves that it is best as age of empires.


  1. StarCraft 2:

Download: Website.

StarCraft 2 is an attractive and addictive game in this list. This StarCraft 2 is the second game in StarCraft series. StarCraft is a space focused real-time strategy game, which is developed by the blizzard.

This game is a sci-fi game, which focuses on a galactic struggle between the four different species for the global domination. StarCraft was divided into three parts during the play to tell you a complete story.

This game offers different gameplay; here the players should choose to play as one of the three species. Three species names are terran, Zerg and Protoss. The main game offers the story of the terran, but you can also choose the other stories of Zerg and Protoss.

You can have total control on this game when you are playing. Controlling all your units are easy in this game when compared to the other games. Here all you need is apply the different strategy to stay ahead of you enemy troops in the intergalactic war.


  1. Warcraft 3:

Download: Website.

Warcraft 3 is a fantasy real-time strategy game, which is similar to the games like age of empires. The blizzard entertainment develops this game this game is akin to the movie of the Warcraft. Warcraft offers multiplayer mode along with that it offers high-quality graphics, which can amaze your eyes.

Map of Warcraft 3 has the decorative elements like rivers, seas, cliffs and more. Here the player has to establish settlements to gain useful resources to attack enemies and to defend against other players. To train your troops you need to have enough resources, so you have to explore the map and attack A. I enemies to take gold, food, and lumber to construct the building. This is one of the latest and best alternatives to the age of empires.


  1. Napoleon: the total war:

Download: Andriod.

The Napoleon is a game about the great ruler and fighter Napoleon Bonaparte. This game is all about his explorations and about his battles, which he has done during the 18th and 19th centuries.

This game has enough combat operations in it, in this game you should play as the Napoleon. You should follow his rules, and you should be battling fearful battles with epic strategies. By this game, you can experience the epic battles of the Middle East and North Africa.

As this game is having the history of Napoleon, you will not feel any boredom in playing it. Instead, you will get to know about the Napoleon more by playing this game. This is another game like age of empires.


This is all about the best games like age of empires. Now it’s your turn to judge this list. If you feel that we missed any of your favorite games in this list? Then you can mention that in our comments section so that we will reconsider that and we will add it to this list.


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