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Tasker is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized Android computerization application that totally reforms the very meaning of Android telephones. Utilizing this application, you can computerize nearly everything in your Android OS. The wondrous capacities offered by Tasker are conceivable due to the Android working frameworks unlimited adaptability.

In spite of the fact that this application doesn’t seek free, once you begin diving increasingly into the perpetual cool elements offered by this application, you will start to understand it’s justified regardless of each paid penny.

Tasker profiles

Tasker profiles are the sort of activated errands that are comprised of an arrangement of activities. Your assignments can be mechanized capacity at some assigned point, let us say at some specific time or some exceptional days, utilizing Tasker profiles when the given conditions are met.

Recorded beneath, are a portion of the top and essential tasker profile:

Keep screen on when using reading apps

This assignment triggers when you open a perusing application, for example, Pocket or some other application you pick. Tasker will keep the screen from going off once this errand is dynamic.


  1. Make new errand (name it “Keep screen on” or something to that effect).
  2. Tap on the “+” catch, select “Show” and afterward “Show Timeout”.
  3. Increment the farthest point to your coveted level and spare the undertaking.
  4. Go to “Profile” then tap the in addition to the symbol and select “Applications”.
  5. Pick the applications for which you need to keep the screen on.

Launch music app when headphones are plugged in

This essentially dispatches your music player when you connect to an earpiece.


  1. Make another profile, select “State” and afterward “Equipment”. Pick “Headset stopped”.
  2. Make new errand, name it and select “dispatch application”
  3. Pick your most loved music application.

Turn on battery saving mode when you have low battery

Utilizing this profile, you can spare some of your battery juice when you are running low on battery charge.

  1. Go to the profile. Select State.
  2. Next select Power choice taken after by Battery Level.
  3. Presently you have to pick the battery run with reference to when to empower this profile. Give us a chance to state we keep the range as 0-5.
  4. Presently to make another assignment, tap on the “+” symbol. At that point select Net and turn your Bluetooth, auto-match up, versatile information, Wi-Fi off.

This strategy may come convenient when you are expecting some imperative calls while being on low battery.

Auto rotate screen for certain apps

Viewing a video on YouTube or utilizing your Office application is frequently best done in scene mode. Tasker can flip “Auto-pivot” on for you naturally once you open the application.


  1. Create new profile, select application then pick your coveted application.
  2. Create a New errand and tap the “+” symbol. Select “Show” then set “Show Auto rotate” to ON.

Dim brightness at specific times

During the evening, it is generally prudent to keep the splendor of your gadget’s screen at a sensibly low level so your eyes don’t hurt. Tasker can deal with this one too.


  1. Create new profile. Go to “Time” and select the time run in which you need to lower (or increment) the splendor.
  2. Create another errand and tap the “+” symbol. Go to “Show” and afterward “Show Brightness”. Select your favored esteem.

Device sleep timer

It generally occurs with a large portion of us that while setting down in overnight boardinghouse to some tranquil music we fall into profound rest, just to keep the melodies continue playing on your telephone. All things considered, Tasker profiles offer an answer for this. Utilizing this example, you can stop the melody or whatever other sound playback after some specific time.

  1. Create another undertaking and press the “+” catch.
  2. Go to Media segment.
  3. In media, go to Media Controls and go to cmd.
  4. Under cmd, select alternative stop.

5.Now, we need to stop the melody playback so we will pick the lattice sort square symbol close to the base right corner which is the music application.

  1. Next stage is to go to the menu of Tasker and search for the symbol Task clock and drag that gadget to your home screen.
  2. Upon being requested that by the gadget connect it to an errand, select the rest clockwork made in the initial step.

Set your phone to mute in meetings

Having your telephone ring up or vibrate while being in a meeting can end up plainly humiliating. So with these means, we can make your telephone go quiet amid gatherings.

  1. Go to the Profile screen of Tasker.
  2. Tap on “New” and pick “State.”
  3. Press “Application” and pick the “Timetable Entry” and change the accessibility to No.
  4. Long push on the section field named Calendar to choose your essential Calendar. At that point click done.
  5. Presently make another undertaking and hit on the “+” symbol.
  6. Go to Audio Settings and select “Quiet Mode” and turn it on. Presently tap on done.
  7. On the following page, tap on done again to come back to the principle screen of Tasker.

Next time when you are in a meeting neither will your telephone ring or vibrate.

Guest mode

In the event that you keep private stuff on your gadgets and don’t need any other person to have entry to those applications, you can utilize Tasker to make a visitor mode so you don’t have to stress over anybody looking through your private stuff. This assignment will divert the application to your home screen as opposed to propelling the application. Steps

  1. Create new profile. Go to “Applications” and select your private applications.
  2. Create another errand and tap the “+” symbol. Select “Application” then “Go Home”.

Send an emergency message

Tasker can encourage make an impression on a friend or family member when you have a low battery. This is valuable for situations when you may not be reachable for some time and need to keep family and companions educated.


  1. Create another profile. Go to “State” then “Power”. Pick “Battery Level” and set in the vicinity of 0 and 5%.
  2. Create another assignment and tap the “+” symbol. Go to “Telephone” then “Send SMS”. Enter the telephone number and message.

Turn android lock screen off in trusted locations

It could wind up plainly irritating to continue unlocking your gadget when you’re at home or work and without anyone else. Setting up this assignment will flip the lock screen off when at associated with a put stock in wireless association, (for example, at home or work) and back on when out. You will require the “Safe Settings Plug-in” which you can get from the Google Play Store.

It would be ideal if you take note of this is just for established android clients and in case you’re utilizing an example.


Section Task

  1. Create a section assignment (name it “Lock screen OFF”) and tap the “+” catch.
  2. Select “Module”, “Secure Settings” and “Root activities” that request. Set “Example bolt OFF”.

Leave Task

  1. Create a passage undertaking (name it “Lock screen ON”) and tap the “+” catch.
  2. Select “Module”, “Secure Settings” and “Root activities” that request. Set “Example bolt ON”.


  1. Create new. Select “State”, “Net” and “Wi-Fi associated” in a specific order.
  2. Enter the SSID of your home Wi-Fi arrange.
  3. Link to the “Lockscreen OFF” Task.
  4. Long press the profile and include a leave errand. Select “Lockscreen ON”.

Speak weather in the morning

Utilizing this profile, you can have your telephone converse with you the climate consistently in the meantime.

  1. Download the Profile.
  2. Install the Profile and tap on the undertaking and change the HTTP.
  3. Type the address of your city and state with the goal that you can get the climate for your area.

Remotely enable GPS

  1. Go to Tasker profile and tap on “Occasion.”
  2. Go to “telephone” and tap on “got SMS” segment.
  3. Select the number that you possess and set the message as “GPS On.”
  4. Create another errand and tap the “+” symbol.
  5. Go to “Misc” and tap on GPS.

With this technique, you can remotely empower your GPS with no inconvenience.

Disable screen lock when camera is on

Now and again while clicking pics if the screen bolt clock runs out then our telephone consequently bolts up itself. To stop this, you have to make this profile.

  1. Go to Tasker profile and tap on “Application.”
  2. Then pick Camera from the gathering of uses.
  3. Create another assignment and tap the “+” symbol.
  4. Click “In plain view” and set the “screen timeout” to a high esteem.

Alert when your friends try to open your personal stuff

With this when any of your companion attempted to open some of your applications like Facebook or what’s application then they initially get a ready beep and your home screen flies up as opposed to the application being opened.

  1. Create another profile.
  2. Go to Application and Select all your private applications
  3. Create another assignment and set activity 1 as go to home screen.
  4. Now go to Alert and select beep.

In next stride go to streak and enter your coveted message which you need to flashed on your telephone screen.

Sleep timer

Ever nodded off while tuning in to music just to discover your music as yet playing when you wake up? All things considered, not any longer. Tasker can kill sound playback after a particular time.


  1. Make new errand and tap the “+” catch. Go to “media” then “Media Controls” and select “Stop” under “cmd”. Pick the music application by squeezing the square matrix symbol close to the base right.
  2. To trigger this activity, we will use an implicit capacity in Tasker. Go to your gadgets menu search for errand clock. Drag the gadget to your home screen.
  3. Once there, it will incite you to connection it an undertaking. Select the “Rest Timer” undertaking you made in the initial step.

Change wallpaper automatically

To finish this errand, every one of your backdrops should be in a similar envelope so make a point to do that before making this assignment.


  1. Make another profile. Go to “Time” and enter the time go for the backdrop change to produce results. Tick the “Rehash” checkbox and set it to 60 minutes.
  2. Make another assignment and tap the “+” symbol. Go to “Variable” and afterward “Factor Randomize”.
  3. Name your variable (for instance %random). Least esteem = 1. Most extreme esteem = No of pictures you have.
  4. Tap the “+” symbol once more. Go to “Show” then “Set backdrop” and enter the way to your picture taken after by %random (the name of your variable). For instance, the way ought to resemble this: sdcard/backdrop/pic_%random.

Backpedal to the profile and long press to include another unique circumstance. Go to “Show” then “Show State” and set it to ON.

Remotely wipe data

In some cases when you lose your telephone, then we get troubled considering another person becoming acquainted with about all the imperative points of interest spared in our telephone. By this technique, you can remotely eradicate out every one of the information on your telephone.

  1. Go to Tasker profile and press “Occasion.”
  2. Explore to “telephone” and pick “got SMS” area.
  3. Make another undertaking and tap the “+” symbol.
  4. Squeeze “Record” and pick “Delete Directory.”
  5. Presently hell for “Recurse” or else non-purge organizers won’t be erased.

This procedure ends up noticeably accommodating when some person takes your telephone, and you need to keep them off from looking into any of the imperative points of interest spared in your telephone.

Bluetooth auto-answer

  1. Go to Profile.

2.Tap on “New state” with setting as “Bluetooth associated.”

3.Set the name same as the Bluetooth name of your gadget.

4.Tap on Done.

5.Select that profile and tap on Add Context and Incoming Call yet leave the Caller Number clear since we need all calls to be replied.

6.Make another undertaking and tap the “+” symbol.

7.Check if your telephone is sit still and after that “Hold up” for 5 seconds.

8.Presently “accept the call.”

Read out the whatsapp notification

In this tasker profile when you get a what’s application notice while your show is off then your telephone will read so anyone can hear that notice for you.

1.Make a profile and tap on the + sign.

2.Go to an occasion and scan for warning.

3.Select WhatsApp from the warning rundown.

4.Make another profile and tap on “+” sign.

5.Go to state and tap “In plain view.”

6.Presently go to “Show State” and turn it OFF.

7.Make another undertaking and tap on “+” symbol.

8.Tap on Misc and select “Say.”

9.Presently under the content field space, sort “New WhatsApp %NTITLE.”

So with this notwithstanding when your show is off you become more acquainted with your WhatsApp warnings without really opening and investigate your telephone.

Night mode

Attempting to have a tranquil, serene rest around evening time yet the constant messages and warnings from telephone continue irritating you? All things considered, this errand profile actuates the Silent mode on the telephone around evening time, alongside killing the Wi-Fi and deactivating them in the morning.

1.Go to Profiles.

2.Tap on “+” sign.

3.Select as far as possible for your night mode. For instance, 24:00 to 07:00.

4.Include another undertaking and tap on “+” symbol.

5.Look for Audio and go to noiseless mode and turn it on.

6.Go to the made errand once more, and tap on the net and kill Auto-adjust and Wi-Fi.

7.Presently at last you can each day have a decent rest free from unsettling influences.

Shake your phone to turn on flash light

1.Download Tesla LED spotlight.

2.Go to “Profile” in Tasker and tap on “Occasion.”

3.After that press “sensor” and tap on “Shake.”

4.Presently pick your inclination for pivot, affectability, and term.

5.Make another undertaking and tap on “+” symbol.

6.Tap “In plain view” and tap on “Framework Lock.”

This may be convenient when the light goes off in a split second and all of a sudden.

Find the exact location where you parked your car in the parking lot

A long column of autos stopped in a parking garage, and an excessive number of them look recognizable, and in such circumstances, it may wind up noticeably troublesome for you to discover where precisely is it stopped.

1.Go to your telephone home screen and press and hold it minimal longer.

2.A menu will fly up, and from that, you have to choose “Errand.”

3.Press the “New” catch in the upper-right corner.

4.Give a name to the gadget that will spare your area and furthermore give the “One Time” alternative.

5.Make another errand and tap on “+” alternative.

6.Go to Misc and scan for GPS and set it on.

7.Go to “Applications,” open “guide.”

8.Go to the mode and select explore. Give the scope longitude.

This may be useful when your auto is in a pressed parking garage, or on a new side road.

Notify when the battery is charged

Cheating your telephone’s battery can profoundly influence its lifetime. Besides, once in a while we keep our telephone connected to the charger around evening time and by one means or another nod off and neglect to attachment it out when battery tops off. Tasker gives an answer for that.

1.Go to “Profile” and select “Occasion.”

2.Tap on “Power” and hit on “Battery Full.”

3.Presently simply alter as far as possible need as indicated by your solace. For instance, you may alter the need as ‘under 30% and higher than 80%’.

4.Presently make another undertaking and hit on the “+” symbol.

5.Tap on “Alarm” and tap on “Tell Sound.”

6.Sort “Detach your charger.”

Separate button to turn 3G data on or off

As opposed to going to your settings and kill your portable information, imagine a scenario in which there was a different catch on your home screen for the same.

1.Long push on a void spot on your home screen, and soon a gadget will show up.

2.Scan for Tasker in that gadget and select it.

3.On the Profile screen of Tasker, pick the 3G_Toggle errand.

4.Presently simply select the green check stamp to spare your new gadget.

That is it, work done. You are allowed to change the gadget symbol to whatever you like.

These above strides lessen the additional means of going to Mobile settings each opportunity to set your versatile information on.

Turn on wi-fi at home

The greater part of us as a rule incline toward utilizing Wi-Fi at home however when we once leave home we probably change to our Mobile information association as it is impractical to get Wi-Fi flag all around. Tasker helps in computerizing this procedure.

1.Go to your GPS and turn it on.

2.Go to the place in your home where your Wi-Fi switch is found.

3.Presently open Tasker and explore to “Profile” and pick “Wi-Fi at home.”

4.Make a beeline for “Area” and do your Net on and your GPS off. Likewise, set the sweep as 500m and get Fix.

5.Presently make another assignment and tap on the “+” symbol.

6.Go to the net and after that tap on “Wi-Fi” and turn it on.

7.Make another undertaking and tap on “+” symbol and name it “Leaving Home.” Now in this segment, you have to kill your Wi-Fi. So go to “Net” and after that scan for Wi-Fi and turn it off.

So by this procedure, your telephone will consequently know when you are at the home and will make the Wi-Fi on.

Turn the camera on with a simple gesture

1.Simply hold your telephone in scene mode, as you do while taking pics and your telephone camera will tap the pic.

2.Go to Profile screen of Tasker and tap on “new” and Press on “occasion.”

3.Go ahead “Sensor” and select signal and name it “Camera motion.”

4.Hold your telephone in your left hand and long push on the volume down catch.

5.Presently hold your telephone like you’re taking a photo in scene mode. This will be the motion.

6.While being in that scene mode, long push on the volume down catch once more. Your motion is currently recorded.

7.Change your camera inclinations in the “inclinations” catch.

8.When you are done setting the inclinations, the press was done and include an undertaking, naming it “Camera On.”

9.Tap on the “+” symbol.

10.Tap on “Application” and explore to “Load App.” Select “camera” and hit “Done” catch.

11.Tap on “Done” again and after that press “Apply.” Next is simply to test your Camera motion.

In the event that you need, then you can likewise set some different signals like waving the hand or grinning, and so on. The main change will be in step 4 and 5 when you Need to play out your coveted motion to get it recorded.

Build your phone-finding snitch profile

1.Go to Tasker primary “Profile” screen.

2.Clickon”New” catch and pick “Occasion” as your specific situation.

3.Tap on the “Telephone” class, and make “Got SMS” as your occasion.

4.Presently sort your coveted number and message in “Sender” and “Message” area separately.

5.Tap on Done.

Forward or book certain calls during night time

Getting calls amid resting hours here and there drives us insane. So Tasker helps you by sending or obstructing all calls amid a period.

1.Go to Tasker profile and tap on “Occasion.”

2.Presently explore to “Time” and modify the time between 00:00 am to 07:00 am (or some other time of your inclination).

3.Make another assignment and tap the “+” symbol.

4.At that point go to “telephone” and select call occupies or blocking call.

Presently backpedal to having your glad rest with no aggravations.

Disabling keyguard when at home

Having to enter you unlock code or keyguard pattern, even when you’re at home or the office might be very annoying. So with this profile, you can disable your keyguard while being at such regular locations.

1.Create a new profile and name it “Screen Unlock At Home.”

2.Add an event context for “Display unlocked.”

3.Add a state context for “WiFi near,” & enter the SSID of your home or office network.

4.Create a new task with the name “Wait” and adjust the time limit for 2-3 seconds.

5.Then navigate to ” Display” and select “Keyguard” and set it OFF.

Intruder selfie

When another person tries to open up certain secured applications your telephone with numerous unsuccessful logins then, a watchful narrow minded will be clicked.

1.Download Secure Settings module from Google Play store.

2.Go to your settings and scan for gadget organization and afterward give authorization to Tasker and secure setting.

3.Open Tasker and select Preferences and tap on Misc.

4.Presently tap on ‘Permit outer get to’. This will enable Tasker to utilize outer applications.

5.Make a profile and select State tap on module.

6.Presently select secure setting and arrange it by tapping on the little pencil symbol.

7.Set the condition as most extreme 4 fizzled login endeavors.

8.Tap on “gadget administrator empowered’ and spare it

9.Make another undertaking.

10.Select the Media alternative and tap on take photograph.

11.Presently pick the front cam, and give any filename like “snaps” or “pics.”

12.Check the alternative ’embed in the exhibition’ and ‘cautious’.

13.Presently go to show and tap on “set backdrop” and enter the capacity way of the photo. As a matter of course it is put away at this area/sdcard/DCIM/Tasker/pic.jpg.

14.Go to Misc and tap on Say and sort “Interloper recognized”.


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