50 Cool and interesting websites to visit when you are bored and out of your mind:

Interesting sites to visit when you are bored
Interesting sites to visit when you are bored

Interesting websites to visit: Composing a tweet or uploading an image to Instagram and scrolling through your Facebook feeds for new updates are getting pretty older these days.

People are just finding it hard to get out of their boredom with these routines. That is why they are moving towards interesting websites to get rid of their boredom.

The trouble is, there are numerous websites on the internet these days. You could literally spend your free time in just searching a best story, photo, jokes or content, which helps you to get rid of boredom.

That is the reason why we have brought 50 cool and interesting websites list to save your valuable time. If you need to spend some time or kill some time, you can just stumble upon this post and find some gems out here.

50 Cool and Interesting websites to visit when you are bored:


  1. Get your inspiration – TED:

TED is an excellent site where you can find some real life inspirational talks. By far this has become a powerful organization, which spreads ideas and knowledge. This is an inspirational site, where you can find real inspiration to do any work.

TED talks is a nonprofit organization, which organizes, hosts conferences throughout the world. In TED talks, you can see many amazing people sharing their failures and successes in their life. I think this is an interesting website to visit when you are bored or when you need inspiration.

  1. Sharp your brain with – Brain Pickings:

Brain-pickings is an inventory site, which can help you to get out of your boredom and gain some knowledge. This site is an inventory of cross spanning art, science, design, philosophy, and history. You can expand your knowledge by getting deep into your brain.

Maria Popova runs this brain-pickings site. This site is an interesting site to get away from your boredom you can simply kill time and gain knowledge with this site.

  1. Explore visually appealing content – Bored Panda:

Bored Panda is a unique site where you can discover interesting and visually appealing images and content. This is a leading art, design and photography community for all the creative people. Bored Panda is a magazine, which is regularly updated on the coolest things such as travel, photography, animals, DIY, technology, illustration and other significant categories. Here you can create your own account, and you can vote posts either up or down. This is another interesting website to visit when you are bored.

  1. Cartoon your photo – Cartoonize.net:

When you are out of your mind, you can create some crazy cartoon for yourself to get rid of boredom. You can convert your photo into a sketch in just one click with this user-friendly site. With this, cartoonize site you can get a lot of fun, you can even share your cartoon image on your social media accounts to have a funny chat with your friends.

You can even create your buddy’s cartoon with the help of cartoonize, and you can tag them to have some fun. This website helps you to cartoonize your images in just one click for free. So why don’t you try this site?

  1. Feel and listen to your birthday songs –Playback.fm:

Do you like to find the first song on your birthday? If yes, then you can listen to your first birthday song with this website playback.fm. This site plays birthday songs after you submit your birthday related information.

You can simply visit “Playback.fm/birthday-song,” you have to input your birthday info, and you have to click on “Find” Button. If you do not like that, then you can just listen to your favorite song on this site.

  1. Determine your face with celebrity – Faceplus.com:

Are you interested in looking like a celebrity? If yes, then you can make use of this useful website. You can seem like a celebrity with the help of this face plus site. Here are you have to do is take a picture and just upload it to the face plus to find the similar celebrity.

What are you waiting for? Go and have some fun with celebrity alike images. Chinese developers have made this site, and you can have real fun on this website

  1. Make a wish and make your dream come true – Wishpush.com:

Are you kidding me? If you make a wish in that website, will it make your dream come true? Of course, this make a wish site will make your dream come true in a funny way. Here all you have to do is go to make a wish site and look at the sky.

After looking at the sky click on the star and make a wish. Your dream will come true soon after the start fall. As we are searching for interesting, websites to visit when you get bored, you will find this site interesting.

  1. Autocorrect fails — Damnyouautocorrect.com:

Damn you autocorrect is a particular site which shows all the terrible and funny autocorrects errors. This site can make your laugh throughout your free time by its discovery of funny autocorrects. You can quickly learn the latest mistakes and funny things after browsing this website.

  1. Show your kind heart by helping people who are suffering from hunger— Freerice.com:

Are you feeling hungry? DO you know the importance of hungry? Then just be a brave person and help other starving people and show your helping nature. You can help starving people just by answering questions.

There is a site called freerice.com, which offers 10 grains of rice to all individuals who are starving through the world food program. Here all you have to do is just answer some questions and feed the people who don’t have food. This is, of course, an interesting site, which reminds us that we are people and we can help others.

  1. Interested in Reading then get reading suggestion – Whatshouldireadnext.com:

Do you have a particular interest in reading stories? If so, you can find this site helpful and exciting because you can find similar kind of books according to your own choice on this site. You can quickly search for your desired book and get the suggestion for your next book as well.

  1. Laugh heartfully by reading funny emails — com:

Laughing is always good for health, so why don’t you encourage laughing. You can make use of this dontevenreply.com to read all funny marketing email hovering around you. The author wants to mix up all the spam advertisers and puzzle those people to piss them off the grid. This is one of the interesting sites you can make use of these days.

  1. See the Magic of Make Everything – Make-Everything-ok.com:

Are you confused after seeing this? If so, don’t be so confused, Make everything ok is a site which can make everything okay with just one click. Just hover over to this site and see the magic of this site with your own eyes.

  1. Taste a bit of high visual posts — Laughing Squid:

Laughing squid is one of the best blogs you have to check out to get some highly visual posts about photography, art, culture, and technology. This is a site, which is updated on regular basis so you can quickly browse through the short posts and make your mind fresh.

  1. Calm down with famous Brits – Calmingbrits.tumblr.com:

Wanted to stay cool then you have to visit calming Brits site to see the nature of Britishers.  You can simply explore the British actor’s soothing expressions and more with the help of calm down with famous brit’s site.

  1. Listen to rain – Rainymood.com:

Do you like to hear the sound of rain? If yes, you can then go to the rainymood.com to feel the pleasant sounds of rain. I am damn sure that you will not leave this site if you get used to listening to the rain sound. This is a perfect mood changer for you if you are a rain lover.

  1. Get a free hug – thenicestplaceontheinter.net:

The Nicest place on the internet is another interesting site, which offers free hugs to strangers. Here all you have to use is a webcam to record your video and then simply send your video link to the developer. That’s it this is one of the best apps to get rid of boredom.

  1. Lunch timers:

Lunch timers is a site, which lets you play with words online along with your friends and family. With this user-friendly site, you can simply create poems, funny messages and change other words to make a different word.

  1. I waste so much time.com:

IWSMT is a site, which deprives you of the productivity, and it will replace your productivity with entrainment.  You can find the number of compelling images in this site apart from that you can say goodbye to all sort of hassles and apps. It is because this site is having various categories and other aspects to free your mind from boredom.

  1. Name Combiner:

Name Combiner is a site, which helps to combine two names. You can quickly play with this site by adding your name and your girlfriend name into the site. If you want to have some fun, then you have to try it and laugh as hard as you can.

  1. Sporcle:

Are you interested in playing online quiz? If yes then you can make use of this site Sporcle. This Sporcle has more than 12 categories, and it is having numerous queries inside its quizzes. You can check your knowledge by simply using this Sporcle site.

  1. Spend some fun time with clever bot — com:

Cleverbot.com is yet another site where you can kill time quickly. You can speak with this AI bot and ask interesting queries, and you will get reasonable answers from this site. This is a useful and exciting site, and this is similar to the Google Allo. If you are ready to ask a question, then just visit that clever bot and have some fun.

  1. Incredible things:

Incredible things is another great site, which discovers most interesting and inventive ideas. You can quickly check all the incredible things around the globe. This interesting blog is a site where you can find stuff, which can simply blow your brain.

  1. Play a Musical game – Midomi.com:

Are you keen to play a musical game? If so you can just visit this midomi.com and play a musical game.

Confused? Then let me explain, here when you visit this site you can record a song with your microphone just by clicking on the green button on the website.

If you sang that song and recorded it on this site, then this site will display the original track in the results. This is a funny game to kill your time. You can try this at any time to get rid of boredom.

  1. The Useless Web:

Another lively place to visit if you are bored or out of your mind. This useless web is a site, which will show you all the funny and exciting things. If you open this site and click “take me to a useless site” then you will see lots of weird stuff, which you haven’t seen yet on any website. So this site is a good site to kill your time in any aspect.

  1. Nine Eyes:

Want to discover some crazy pictures of some locations than just explore nine eyes. Leave google maps and see nine eyes google street view you will show you beautiful sights, which are captured by the Jon Rafman.

  1. Gnoosic:

Want some new music recommendation than just visit gnoosic. This site only asks three of your favorite bands and then based on your answers this site will pick you music suggestions. You can simply like or dislike the music by this it will refilter your search and gives you better results every time. If you are a music enthusiast, who are eagerly looking for a musical adventure, then you can use this music site.

  1. Know what happened in your birth year — Whathappenedinmybirthyear.com:

Do you want to know what has happened in your birth year? Then you can just check this what happened in my birth year site. You will get all the epic stories, which happened in your birth year. Usually, we can’t find all stories by researching it will be problematic, so it is best to visit this site and hit your birth date.

  1. The faces of Facebook – app.thefacesoffacebook.com:

Are you a Facebook freak? Are you curious to find the various user profiles on Facebook? If yes, then you can utilize “Faces of Facebook” site to get many pictures. If you click on any image, then you will get on to his or her profile. With this site, you can send messages and video calls too, if you feel bored of it then you can stay out of it whenever you want.

  1. Zombo.com:

Want some motivational welcome than just visit Zombo.com. Zombo is a motivational welcome site, and here you can see a man will continuously greet you and he will restore your confidence in meeting others. If you require a motivation source for your day, then you might find this site as a helpful site.

  1. Geoguessr:

    Interesting websites to visit

Play a guessing game by using google maps to get rid of boredom. Geoguessr is a game where you are dropped into a random location, and you have to guess which location you are. In this funny game, you can use clues such as language street signs and area signs. If you want to kill time, then you can log into it and play this game in challenge mode with other players as well.

  1. Do nothing for 2 minutes – Donothingfor2minutes.com

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is a site, which helps you take a break from the internet, mouse, and keyboard for a while. If you want to relax, then you can go to this site, to feel the calmness, and feel the real sounds of waves.

  1. Class Namer – Classnamer.com:

Are you keen to become an expert coder? Then this classnamer can help you by naming your class in programming languages like Java or Python. You can sharpen your coding skills by just visiting this classnamer site often. It is a reliable site to spend some time with coding.

  1. Turn your name into a face – turnyournameintoaface.com:

IF you want to have some fun with silly faces, then you should visit this turn your name into a face site. After seeing the images with your name, you’ll be amazed. So just, try this site and see how does your face look? To do this just enter your name on the website and click enter.

  1. Font Bomb – Fontbomb.com:

Font bomb is a site where you can fix bombs, whenever you want to blow up your load without troubling anything, then you should visit font bomb. This is a site made by javascript code, and it will spread out the content and make it feel like an explosion.

  1. ASCII – picascii.com:

ASCII is a site, which transforms images into ASCII art. Here ASCII is abbreviated from American standard code this represents text in computers. To convert all you have to do is upload your image for converting it into ASCII. Here you can get output, but unfortunately, you can save the image output. That is the backdrop of this site; apart from that, you can simply pass your time with this site.

  1. Giphy – giphy.com:

Most of you might already know about the GIFs. Because these are popular image format these days. You can use giphy site and search for all funny and entertaining GIF to share with your friends and family on social media. If you are looking for trending GIFs in a particular category then just sort them via categories.

  1. Creepy Girl—Cubo.cc/Creepygirl/:

One of the weirdest site you will see in your browsing career. You can see girl moving her eyes with your cursor movements in this creepy girl site. Most of you might find this unique and different so you can try this site.

  1. The Oatmeal:

The Oatmeal is a lively place for all the comic lovers. If you love comics, then you have to visit this oatmeal. Matthew Inman has found this Oatmeal site; he draws real life incidents like strange stories, which are impossible in reality. This is an amazing to lighten your mood in any circumstances, so give it a shot and see how it works.

  1. Find your dream home with no budget:

Are you out of your mind? Then just have a glance at your favorite property without checking its pricing scale. This is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom; you can search sites like the right move, waterside properties, magic bricks and so on to get to your favorite home.

  1. Incredibox – incredibox.com:

Incredibox is a free musical site in which you can quickly create a mix of running band of beat beatboxers. You can find four cartoon versions on this home page such as the original, little miss, sunrises and the love. Here you can click on one of them, you can create, and mix sounds with various music options. Apart from that, you can list top 50 tracks from this site.

  1. Zoom Quilt – Zoomquilt.org:

Zoom quilt is an infinitely zooming image, and it is just like moving the train. When you are on the train, you can see every object passing. Similarly, you will perceive excellent images that keep going more and more inside until you close the window. This is one of the best ways to kill your time.

  1. Snap bubbles:

Are you stressed out and wanted to relax by popping the virtual bubble wrap. Then you have to visit Snap bubbles; here you can snap bubbles. This is an interesting thing you can do it in your free time.

  1. Bubole – bubole.com:

Bubbole is a beautiful time killing site to squash bugs. This site has 200-monster squash model so that you can’t get a single chance to be bored again. So, just create your own bugs squash game from “create new bubole” and feel those funny sound effects and types.

  1. Ball dropping – balldroppings.com:

Ball dropping is another site, which helps you to kill your time. This is a simple JavaScript code, which helps you to have fun. Just navigate to this website and draw a square, triangle or any other shapes and, then you will hear the sound dropping the ball.

  1. Oddee – Odde.com:

Love weird stuff more than others? Then you have to check out Oddee because this is one of the internet’s largest and popular blog. This blog features craziest, bizarre and strangest content you probably will not find anywhere else. Try this oddee to stay amazed and stay out of boredom.

  1. Funny or Die – funnyordie.com:

If you love comedy, then just visit funny or die site. This site is entirely dedicated to the hilarious sketches for comedians, celebrities, and users. Funny or Die is a well know and famous site which brings you exclusive funny videos and content. If you love comedy, then you will love this site. Check out this site to get rid of boredom.

  1. Buzz feed:

I don’t have to say this site name because most of you might be familiar with this buzz feed site. It is one of the most popular sites online, and you will get every viral news in this fantastic site. If you still didn’t browse this site yet, then you are missing lot of funny and viral news. Just go and browse this site to get some fresh and viral news along with latest GIFs.

  1. Browse useless items – the worst things for sale:

Worst things for sale is a site, which shows you all the worst stuff, which is on sale on the Amazon. This site is created by the author married to the sea; you can check this site to find out how they even trying to sell this piece of useless items.

  1. Tickld:

Tickld is one of the go-to spots for funny and humorous content. This site is a real cool site, which produces guaranteed humor stuff. You can pick this tickld site to spend your time with mindless fun and laughter

  1. Cool things:

The cool thing is a site, which shows the collection of cool things. From gadgets to entertainment, it covers each cool inventions. You can even find out some cool gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend with this site.


These are 50 interesting websites to visit when you are bored and out of your mind. have you found anything that struck your fancy? Did you kill some hours by trying these websites out? Say your views on these sites in the comment section below.


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