Games Like Slither.Io: 15 Great Slither Like Games You Should Play

Games Like Slither.Io is a massively used multiplayer browser game, which is loved by millions of people throughout the globe. This game is having a similar concept of the 2015’s popular web game usually reminds people the classic snake game, which is used to be in the days when Nokia’s phones ruled the world’s phone market. To most of the people, this is not just a game this is a childhood memory of the people. That is why this has that much popularity, and even Alexa ranked this game as one of the 1000 most visited sites in 2016.

Unlike the old snake game, this has an ability to play online and to compete with hundreds of other users. That’s why this game has become a huge hit among the gamers around the world.

If you are bored of playing this game? And looking for other similar games. Then this list of 15 great alternative games can give you fun.



It has been out for a few years now, but is still conceivably the most popular game with more than 100,000,000 downloads. This is another massively used multiplayer online action game, which is developed by the Matheus Valadares.

The primary objective this game is to gain as much mass as you can by eating smaller cells, which are so called agar. Along with that, you have to avoid larger ones, which can eat your cells. In this game, instead of the snake, you will play as a small dot or ball.

Others mostly praise this game because of its simplicity, competition. If you want to climb the leader board in this action packed multiplayer game you have to use the plethora of strategies to conquer small cells.

Access:  Google PlayiTunes, Website

2. Super

Super is another snake game, which is mostly described as the combination of and  This game has an addictive gameplay, here players play as a snake and then consume all the dots like objects to grow but this game comes with few twists in the game.

As this game has various level ups, the gameplay will be changed quickly, and there are various other fun elements in this super snake game.

This game offers the number of power up like shield your snake, become invincible and so on. These all features make this game attractive to millions of game lovers. This game is available on Google play, iTunes, and official website.

Availability: Google PlayiTunesWebsite

3. is another alternative to the, to be frank; this game will be an exact clone to the  Here in the you can control your worm at the same time you can eat your opponents and scattered items.

Most of you might think why to pick this game? If you are thinking about that, then do not bother about picking this game because this is much smoother and has more features than

Some of those features are speeding up and ejecting mass materials, zoomed maps and so on. This game is having a chat section where you can quickly chat with your others this feature makes this game more interactive than

You can customize your worm in this game. This game is available on both Google play, iTunes apart from that you can play this game on the official website.

Access: Google PlayiTunesWebsite

4. is the other game, which has to be added to our list of games like It is mostly because this is an interesting and attractive geometric game. Here the player starts playing as a triangle and the main goal is to consume dots and grown its size significantly.

This is having an unusual twist that is you can attack other players with the ammo. Coming to the graphics of the game this game offers beautiful minimal graphics and backgrounds. You can quickly play this game at the official website of You will not find any google play or IOS apps for this game.

Access: Website

5. is fantastic game, which consists of tanks other than annoying worms and snakes. Most of the people don’t like snakes or worms, if you are one of them then try this

Here players will play as tank, and the main goal of the players is to blow away opponents tanks by shooting them. Along with that, you have to stay away from the enemy’s firing line to stay away from getting out.

This offers lots of upgrades to strengthen your tanks to combat stronger enemies. Although the objects in this game are different from game, all the goals and gameplay are similar to the You can get this game on both Google play and iTunes stores.

Access: Google PlayiTunes


This game should be included in this game like list mainly because of its upgraded features and gameplay. is a better version of slither games because it offers user-friendly mobile gameplay.

This is having lots of game modes to entertain players. All the gameplay and concept of this is similar to the Apart from that, the special features included in this game are it has an ability to eject mass, speed up, ability to create duplicate cells and split in half. offers lots of upgrades from potions to armors just to enhance the gameplay.

You can download this game in both Google play store and iTunes. Apart from the app stores, you can play this game online from its official website.

Access: Google PlayiTunesWebsite


If you are in search of games like, you should try this game. It is because of is gameplay mechanics is much similar to the snake game. Although this is having the same gameplay, it might be the most different game on this list when you compare it to other games.

This game starts with a colored block, and the main goal of this game is to capture more area for your paddock by moving around the free space. Snake like lines will go out of the block to obtain all the free space. Here if your opponent crashes in your area while you are out, then you will lose your game.

This game might sound easier when you listen, but it can be difficult while you play. You can play this game by downloading app on google play store or iTunes app store. Apart from that, you can play this game from its online website as well.

Access: Website


When you are looking for real battle type games, then you should play this This is an action game, which provides the decent combat game with guns and other weapons. You can just choose your battle weapon you need in this game.

This is the perfect alternative to the game because you can simply shoot other people in this game to improve your energy level. The energy level is necessary for this game, and your energy level will be shown by a circle, as it gets shorter and shorter you will start losing your power. Here the only way to increase your energy level is by shooting your enemies and other players.

You can play this game from its official site, and you can quickly choose your desired weapon before starting your play.

Access: Website

9. Lazer is yet another game you should include in games like list. It is because this game is similar to the original snake game.  Here the primary goal of this game is not to crash in any situation. It is analogous to the arcade snake game, but it looks like an upgraded version of Nokia’s game.

In this game instead of playing as a snake, the player starts to play with a line as the line grows its size the speed of line will be increasing. Here you have to survive without crashing with other players. In this game, you don’t have to consume anything only thing you have to do is survive. This game is a bit harder than because so many players will be on the map.

You can get this game on Google play and iTunes, apart from that you can also play this game on its official site.

AccessGoogle PlayiTunesWebsite

10. is another action packed game with lots of weapons. This game is just the resembles of the game but this game has some difference. Here you can see many graphic variations than the that is the reason why I included this in these games like list.

This is a multiplayer game where you can play with others. The more you will kill your enemies the more your arsenal will increase and the more powerful you will become in the game. You can quickly apply different strategies your mind says in this simple game. You can play this game from its official website.

Access: Website 


The is yet another game, which should be, including these games like list. Here you have to click on your sport to charge your energy and then just click again to release your power.

In this game, you have to kill your enemies by passing power waves. By killing them, you will increase your power. This is simple and yet powerful game but the only problem this is a single player game. You can play this game with your friends, and you can have fun by killing your friends in the game.

Access: Website 

12. is a defensive game, which is different from game. Here the main objective of this game is to protect your commanding base from enemies. In order to protect your home, you have to kill your enemies too and acquire their base to add strength.

You can increase your power in this game by conquering other bases. This game is an exclusive game which makes you play this game again and again because of its simplicity and addictiveness.

You can play this game by going to the official website of the, and you can play your game by keeping your nickname to your base.

Access : Website 

13. Osmos HD:

Osmos is yet another game, which is having the capability to enter the list of games like The Osmos HD is a single player game where the player plays as cell, which consumes motes.

Osmos HD game should be played by balancing both speed and size to absorb motes. This game has beautiful graphics options, and you can simply say this game is a treat to your eyes. You can get this game in google play store and iTunes as well.

AvailabilityGoogle Play, iTunes


This is a game, which lets you play with millions of people around the globe. Due to this main feature, this game has been listed in these games like list. To play this game, you need to follow a map in order to reach your objective.

While you reach your object, you have to push other enemies out of the map. This will help you to raise your ranking and levels. As you dominate all other players, finally you will be the king of the game.  You can play this game by downloading app from Google play store and iTunes as well.

AccessGoogle PlayiTunes

15. Meme: Eat them All!:

This is an interesting game which most of the games don’t know. Meme: eat them all is an infamous meme faces game, which is similar to game.

In this meme: eat them all game players get to play as a ragged face. If you don’t need that face you can choose other faces such as “troll face,” “you don’t say,” “we’ve got a badass over here,” “Y Say No” and so on.

The game play is you eat food to grow; here you have to stay away from the larger faces because they can eat you easily. You have to consume more resources to stay longer in the game if you don’t eat more then you are out of the game.

Although this game is good, most of the people don’t list this because it is only available in iTunes store. But this game is worthy to make into these games like list. That’s why I mentioned this game in this list.

Access: iTunes


I have produced my best collection of games like Apart from these games, you can see hundreds of other games such as,, and so on. However, I have listed my best collection of games like slither. Therefore, you have to judge the list by trying these games. Try these cool games and say your view in the comment section below.


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