10 Amazing games like Skyrim you should try:

games like skyrim
games like skyrim

Games like Skyrim: Skyrim is a fantastic game with lots and lots of quests and opportunities in it. The Skyrim is an open world game where you can simply explore the world and play some quests on your leisure time.

If you are already playing this game, then I think you don’t need any explanation. Because you can feel the gaming experience by playing this game.

If you want to play more games like Skyrim? Then you are at the perfect place. Today, we are going to say some fantastic games like Skyrim you should try to have fun.

These games like Skyrim provides best gaming experience and helps you to explore many exciting elements. Let us get into the list of amazing games like Skyrim that everyone should try.

10 Amazing Games like Skyrim:

  1. Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor:

Download: Website.

When you are thinking to play games like Skyrim, This Shadow of Mordor is a perfect game. This game is an action packaged game adventures game. The Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor comes under the Category of PC, and Xbox games and its genre is action & adventurous.

This game is all about the Shadow of Mordor, which takes place in the fantastic world of “The Lord of the Rings”; This Shadow of Mordor game is actually inspired by the book, which takes place in between the timeline of the Lord of the rings and the hobbit.

I hope most of you might hear about this movie and maybe, most of you might already be the fan of those movies or the books. If you are a fan of this film or book, then you should try this fantastic game to enjoy open world action and adventures.

In this game, you can explore the entire world of Lord of the rings, and you can fight against the evil forces in that lord of the rings. When you start this game, you will play as a ranger whose family was killed by the evil forces of Sauron. Here, you will come back from being dead to avenge your family.

You can increase the power of this character by unlocking new abilities. With this game, you can quickly combat with other rangers, Attack silently, and you can even use stealth-based moves to complete your missions and unlock more features.

If you are the fan of Skyrim extreme levels, then I am sure you will be the big of the Shadow of Mordor too. This game works on all most all platforms such as Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. With all these amazing features, I thought this would be an interesting pick, so I have included this game in this list of games like Skyrim.

  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Download: Website.

Dragon Age Inquisition is another awesome game, which you can try. This game is similar to the Skyrim game, and it is better than any other action packed dragon age games. If you haven’t tried this game yet? Then you have to try this dragon age: inquisition game.

This game falls under the category of Open world action genre. In this game, you will start with a character who has special powers to seal the breaches in the world. Here your primary mission is to settle all the matters and disputes which were caused by these world breaches.

This game is similar to the Pacific Rim movie, there in the movie beast will come through the breaches but here in this game demons will come from the breaches. Therefore, you have to close those breaches throughout the world to stop all the demons from entering into your world.

Whenever you complete a level in this game, you will unlock new powers and abilities to stop all those demons. You can choose the different range of heroes who will have different abilities. In this unique game, you can also team up with your friends, and you can finish this game. As this is a multiplayer game, so you can play and have fun with your buddies.

With this efficient dragon age: inquisition game, you can destroy as many demons as you can. Not only that, you will be amazed at the graphics of this awesome dragon age game. That’s the reason why I am excited to place this game in this list of games like Skyrim.

This game works on almost all devices such as PC, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

  1. Ryse: Son of Rome:

Download: Website.

Ryse: Son of Rome is an exciting game you should have a glance at. This game is having many variations and twists in its story. Ryse: Son of Rome is a game, which shows the ancient culture. Apart from that, you can see History of Rome, Roman Empire, gladiators and more.

This game is a visual feast for all games who love graphics. Son of Rome game is having a truly incredible story, which excites player when he is playing this game. This is one of the best alternatives to the Skyrim game.

Although with some reasons, this has been an underrated game, which has been neglected by some of the gamers because of being exclusive. However, it does not matter because this is one of the best game to show history related things.

Coming to the gameplay, you will start your game as a Roman centurion who is always trying to take revenge on the enemies who murdered his family. Here in this game, you can team up with others to play this game. As this is a multi-player game, you can simply enjoy this game with your friend.

In this game, you can find out lots of medieval settings, and along with that you can fight with brutal forces, and you can kill them by upgrading your player. When you unlock new missions and chapters, you can use more strength for your player.

You can enjoy this game in both Xbox One, and in Windows operating systems as well. As this game is, having good graphics you will love this historic game. The ease of this game has forced me to keep this game in this list of games like Skyrim.

  1. Dragon’s Dogma:

Download: Website.

When you are thinking about dragon type of games, then dragons dogma is another famous game you should try. This game is almost similar to the gameplay of Skyrim. That’s why I have included this Dragons Dogma in this list of games like Skyrim.

This game is having some eye-catching graphics, which can grab your intention towards this game. Dragons Dogma is having two types of characters in the game, it is from biggest to short one, and so you can choose according to your enemy’s strengths.

The most significant character will have better energy than smaller character, but the problem is the biggest one will eat more power rather than little guys. Therefore, you have to choose your people depending on the situation and your energy level as well. If you cannot handle strong enemies, then bring in big one or else always try the small one to preserve your energy level.

This game is having lots and many battles in it, so you will never feel bored while playing this game. In this game, you can easily get to the large enemies by leaping and climbing on their bodies. By this way, you do not have to waste your arrows, and you don’t have to suffer until you come out of the large enemy.

You can refresh yourself by playing this exciting game. The best movement of these dragons dogma game is you can jump onto the Griffon, and you can put those wings to pieces in the flying mode. Therefore, this brings lots of anxiety and excitement about the game.

  1. Dark Souls 2:

Download: Website.

Dark Souls 2 is a game, which ‘s hard to complete. Most of the gamers always think that they can outplay any game. If you are thinking like that, then you should try to defeat this dark souls two.

This is one of the toughest and punishing game in this whole list. Dark Souls is similar to games like Skyrim, but it is the most challenging game, which you can’t easily outplay. In this game, you can just walk away and kill anybody you like, but similarly, other people will kill you horribly.

To play wisely in this game, you need to achieve a heavy armor and some powerful weapons to kill others and at the same time to protect yourself. This game is a hack n slash game, which comes under the action genre.

In this game, even after reading the tutorials you can just simply defeat enemies. You have to fight bravely to kill others in this game. The difficulty level of this game makes you more eager to outplay others.

Playing this game with a strong strategy and planning will work or else you will end up with it 5 minutes. You can enjoy Dark Souls 2 game with your friends because this is a multiplayer game so you can take the help of your buddies.

Killing others is not at all a wise decision in this game. Here you have to be very careful in killing enemies. The more you will work hard the more you will go forward in this fantastic game. This dark souls 2 is available on Xbox 360, Xbox one, Windows, Play Station 3 and PlayStation 4.

  1. The Gothic Series:

Download: Website.

The Gothic Series is another collective edition game, which is similar to the games like Skyrim. This game is a heavy game with lots of levels. Gothic Series is almost analogous to the gameplay and mechanics of the Skyrim.

As the Dark Souls 2, this is another game, which is harder to complete. This game will start in a world of bad people. Here your role is to stay alive and move forward without being killed by other bad guys. You have to kill all you enemies silently to keep yourself away from that goblin knife.

This Gothic Series has four series unlike 1 and 2 you will find out harder quests in series 3 and four. Still, my favorite’s series in Gothic is 1 & 2 because of the gameplay, mechanics, and ease of play.

If you want to try games like Skyrim, then you should try this game. Trying 3rd gothic series game is best rather than the 4th series because the 4th set is clumsy and it will not be that impressive than the 1, 2 & 3 series.

  1. Risen:

Download: Website.

Risen is another unique game particular for the fans of Skyrim. Skyrim fans will love this game because this game is very much similar to the Skyrim. Apart from that, you are much more excited by playing this Risen game.

This Risen series is opening up all the possibilities in the game, and it will show some great island experience in this game. That is the main reason why most of the people love this game. This game allows you to choose your character. You can quickly pick the best and suitable pick for the combats.

In this game, you have to rise to glory, and that awaits you to take action on the entire powerful creature in the world. When coming to the game, you are the only hope for the humanity. You will have an ability to save the world from a devastating end.

In this game, you have to show titans that you are not the ordinary human as others. And at the same time, you have to defeat most powerful titans in the combat to save your world. In this game, you can freely roam around the world and accept challenges and quests.

Compared to the Skyrim battles the fighting in this Risen game are far more challenging. Therefore, you have to take proper care in protecting your life in the risen game. This is an open world game like Skyrim, which you will fall in love with.

This game will work on Windows operating systems, Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Play Station 4. So try this game to have some great fun and to get rid of your boredom.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Download: Website.

I think most of you might hear of this Witcher game because this is one of the best games in 2016. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game is having thousands of fans through the world. That is the reason why I kept this game on this list of games like Skyrim.

This game will show you all the detailed environment graphics, and apart from that, you can see fluid combat system, talks and more. Witcher will offer great complexity, and it allows you to explore many elements.

You can have good control on this game once you start understanding this game. You can use swords and magic to kill others in this game. Apart from that, you can fight with every person whom you want to fight with in this game.

In this game, you have to face lots of demons, monsters and other evil powers, which are causing trouble to your world. As this game has cool graphics and animations, many people praise this game. This Witcher 3 game has received numerous awards especially for its storyline and excellent gameplay.

If you want to play the game like Skyrim, then you have to try this powerful game. You can play this game on Xbox One, Play Station 4 and in Windows operating systems as well.

  1. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic:

Download: Website.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a good game you have to try if you want to get rid of boredom. This game is having many magic and exciting things in its gameplay. Unlike other games, you cannot just overwhelm this game. It is mainly because this is familiar to other game plays, but it has its mannerism.

Playing combats and killing other people in this game is just as difficult as the dark souls 2 game. In this game to improve your performance, you have to complete as many levels as you can. To upgrade your weapons and to improve your stealth you have to unlock more abilities.

To become a good combat fighter in this game, you have to maximize your performance by learning. In this game, a skilled archer can easily snipe enemies from far distances with bow and arrow. Whereas assassins can only kill others by silently assassinating them from behind.

Each character has its importance in this game. So you need to develop your game to stay ahead of others and also to kill others. Every combat in this game is a fearful battle, so you have to keep timing in your mind. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to kill others with your arrows or shots.

This dark messiah of might and magic will often reward players who use different tactics instead of brute forcing the combat. Therefore, you have a chance to get a reward by playing the enhanced game with decent gameplay.

This game works on all the Windows operating systems, and you can play this game on Xbox 360. Start playing this game to get rid of your boredom.

  1. Never Winter:

Download: Website.

Never winter is a game, which feels similar to the games like Skyrim. This is a classic game, which is all about the Dragons and Dragoons. Never winter game has eight different classes so that you can choose your favorite one.

In this game, each level comes with its abilities and powers. Therefore, you can play with the characters you like most. In this game, you can also team up with your friends because this is a multiplayer game, which allows your friends to play.

Coming to the game, you have to grab all-powerful weapons to kill dragons. With powerful weapons, only you can stay forward in this game. Therefore, it is best to complete more levels and unlock more rewards to improve your winning chances. As you are searching for games like Skyrim you have to try these games.


These are best games like Skyrim you should try to get rid of boredom. I hope I have produced all useful and powerful games ln this list of best games like Skyrim.

If you think I have missed any of your favorite game in this list, then you can let me know in comments section. I’ll have a glance at your suggestion, and I will update this post soon.


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