Games like Huniepop: Top 10 Alternatives to the Huniepop game

games like huniepop
games like huniepop

Games like Huniepop:  Are you interested in playing adult puzzle games?  Then you should know Huniepop because this is one of the best adult puzzles game.

This huniepop was released in 2015 on a theme of dating and hybrid tile matching. Ryan Koon’s has created Huniepop under the huniepot, and this game has been a massive hit. Adults just love to play this game in recent times.

If you are playing huniepop and got bored of this huniepop game? Then don’t bother here I am going to show games like huniepop in this, post. All you have to do is just stumble upon this post and try those games to get more fun.


Top 10 Games like huniepop in 2017:

In these top 10 games like huniepop, I have included excellent and mobile friendly games. Therefore, you can enjoy these on your Android devices as well. Now let us get into the games like huniepop.


  1. Sengoku Rance:

Download: Website

If you are searching for games like huniepop, then this is the best alternative you can get for huniepop. Sengoku Rance is the tenth release of the rance series and Alice soft launches this game.

This Sengoku Rance is a simulation game, which includes puns and comic moments in this game. The game revolves around a ruthless warrior named rance. After saving the nation of zeth from destruction, the rance will run away from the kingdom so that he doesn’t have to marry the princess.

The main story line is nothing but the above line, here rance is not avenging on something, or he is not furious on killing someone. This game is a mainly built up with the primary intent of adult vision.

The best part of this game is it funny movements, and the developers mostly tried to include funny movements rather than putting too much of adult stuff. That is the reason why you can play this game freely to kill your time. There is no doubt this game is a fabulous game, and this game is worth trying.


  1. Kitty Powers Matchmaker:

Download: Android, IOS

Kitty power matchmaker is a game, which is similar to the games like huniepop. This game was released in 2014, the magic notion developed it, and it is published through the master tonic group.

This game is available on Windows, OS X, and Android and IOS as well. The mobile version of this kitty power matchmaker game has good user interface, and it is responsive as well.

When you think about the game, this game is all about the matchmaking. As a player, you are supposed to work as a matchmaker. You have to share one’s character details with another one to find a perfect match for each other.

Once you find the perfect match for two people, then you have to arrange a date for them depending on their tastes. Apart from these, they are various other things in this game such as restaurants, organizing questions and so on. After you set them for a date, you have to guide them.

If you send those to date and if that date is successful then you will get points and rewards for this work. So, try this game and keep on matching couples by being a matchmaker.


  1. Roommates:

Downloads: Andriod, IOS

Roommates is another game, which is similar to the games like huniepop. This is a visual novel video game, and it is available on Android, IOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms as well. Winter wolves developed this roommate’s game, and it was released on March 7, 2014.

This game story line follows Max or Anne through their first year of college as roommates and their experiences of different scenes in their daily life including all the occasions, parties and breaks they get in their life.

Roommates is a single player game so you can only select one player in your game. Max is a rebel kind of guy who is a singer as well as guitarist in their college troop. Whereas Anne character is quiet and shy kind of girl.

There are other different characters in this game such as Dominic, Sally, butch, Carmen, Isabella, etc. if you are eager to play the games like huniepop, then this is a decent game for you to try.


  1. Mystic Messenger:

Download: Android, IOS

Mystic Messenger is a tricky game, which is having similarities of games like huniepop. This game is basically a female-oriented game in which you can see the visual novel genre. Mystic Messenger game is developed and published by cheritz. This game is released in 2016, and it is having both Android and IOS version of the game.

Mystic Messenger is a single player game, which comes under the genres of romance type. You can change the name of the girl in this game. The story line of this game is “the girl” character downloads a mysteries app and ends up living in a closed apartment where she is going to meet six new people.

Rika owns the app in the mystic messenger. She is the charity owner of the organization in the game. The girl needs to start the romance with one of the characters. Then she should find out the truth behind the Rika and her organization. This is the main story line of the mystic messenger now it is your turn to decide whether you should play this game or not.


  1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister:

Download: Website

The kamidori Alchemy Meister is a Japanese game, which is similar to the games like huniepop. This comes under the genre of dating and adult visual novel type. If you have a glance at the game, you can find out the visuals, which are simply amazing.

This game is on top in showing the fantasies that never been shown before in other games like huniepop. When coming to the story line, this game moves around an orphan boy named kamidori. He is the leading role in this game, and he is training hard to be an alchemist.

This entire game is the process where it shows the adventure of the orphan boy and the journey of him. Later on, in the story, he will get a company of three girls. They act as the bodyguards for him, and you can see real funny movements between them in this game.

The rest of the gameplay will be divided into three different parts. These different possible parts depend upon which girl kamidori chooses to have some romance. These three girls have different versions and plots.

This kamidori is very easy to play and easy to understand as well. The entire gameplay in the kamidori consists of storytelling and fighting combats with fantasy display.


  1. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars:

Download: Website

The Conception II:  Children of the Seven Stars is a demon’s puzzle game. This game is the role-play of Japanese video game. Conception game is based on the battles, here the player is a student at the high school, and he will train to do demon hunting.

This game story line is, it follows the character (wake arches) who is a teenage boy. He grows up in a world where demonic monsters always pose a threat to their society. All the monsters formed into the dusk circles and formed a significant threat to several locations throughout the world.

While the story walks through one of the demons will kill wake’s site on the day of her wedding. From then wake discovers that he has to mark the star god on his hand and he agrees to attend a school, which trains people.

Later on his training, he will find the eternal ability in his body, he will find it as god’s gift, and he will become an instant celebrity in his school. Apart from that, he discovered that he has a chance of creating star children with the S-rank female student.

And, later on, the story runs into the combat of finding the monster in that school and also having some incidents with the S-rank female heroine.  This particular game has several ending, and all these endings depend on the moves that were taken by the players.

This game is one of the alternatives of games like huniepop. It supports the platforms such as play station, windows, and Nintendo 3 DS. These children of the seven stars is a single player game.


  1. Dandelion – Wishes Brought to you:

Download: Website

Dandelion wishes brought to you is a game, which is just like other games like huniepop in this list. This game comes under the stimulation of dating genre, and it is an epic and different story than other stories.

This dandelion’s game story line is a story of girl; there are five cool guys in this story, where the character can date with?

As you are playing this game, you have to play as a girl. The girl name is heejung Kim her character is a busy girl in this story, and she has no time for herself. In this game, the girl will not be even able to stay happy in her busy life.

Suddenly, there will be a twist in the story. One day while she is walking, she will find a basket with five cats and rabbits in it. At first, she will be surprised by looking at the basket, and then she tries to report about the basket. However, later on, she finds no one passing in that way and then she will take that basket with her.

Finally, one fine day those cats and rabbit with turn into guys and you will have some fun at those moments because it is the hilarious part of the game. Now after that incident, she has to choose one of them to date, and from then, the story will depend on the player’s views and options.


  1. Shira Oka: Second Chances:

Downloads: Website.

Shira Oka is another game, which is covered with adult stuff. Here Shira Oka is a story, which takes place at the high school. You might like this game because this game is at the high school and it will have relevant scenes from hatoful boyfriend.

You can call this game as the theme of the adult visual novel because this story has adult content on it. This game involves the concept of the role-play and also the in-depth story of a girl.

This Shira Oka game is just like the other games, which are listed in this list of games like huniepop. What can surprise you in this game is its old visuals; they are superb in adding an excellent display and graphics to the game.

When you start playing this game, you will find new stories each time you play. I think you will enjoy this game if you are a teenager.


  1. The Flower Shop:

Download: website 

Just like all the other games in this list the flower shop is also a similar games like huniepop. This game was released in 2010 by the winter wolves, and it is compatible with Android, IOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

This game is a single player game, which comes under the adult visual novel genre. Apart from the adult content, this game is a farming game too. The flower shop is having two versions of games one is summer in the fair brook, and another one is winter in a fair brook.

In the first part, players need to grow crops and sell them while he sells crop he will get game money. Whereas in the second part, the player only needs to grow flowers, not crops. Both of these versions are having enough romance in it. You will have four choices to start your romance in this game.

This game continuous in a decent way depending on the decisions player takes in the game. If you are having a particular interest in playing games like huniepop, then you should try this game.


  1. Little Witch Romanesque:


The little witch Romanesque is a strategic game, which has many collections of mini games. This game comes under the similar category like all other games. This is one of the oldest game, which was released in 2005.  As the animation and style are improving these days, the developers of this game have developed this game to give a visual feast for others.

Here in this game, the players need to mentor two young witches, and you should train them and make them learn new skills. Apart from training, you have to give new tasks and quests for them to complete stages.

There are few adult based scenes in this game, and this is similar to the huniepop game itself. However, when you browse this game uncensored parts will be removed.


Each game that I have listed on this list are having significant similarities with huniepop. So you will defiantly enjoy this game. If you have any other suggestion, then you can comment use below in the comment section.


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