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Games like
Games like

Games like  Agar is a widely used multiplayer online game, which comes under, the action genre. Matheus Valladares created this, and this has become a huge hit since the release.

Interestingly this game is one of the most popular web game in its first year of release. With the massive response from the crowd, game developers have launched its Android and IOS versions too.

The primary objective of this game is to gain much mass as possible just by eating all the agar and cells, which are smaller than player’s cell.

Agar is an exciting game, which is loved by thousands of people. However, playing this game continuously might get boredom. Therefore, to avoid boredom, here is a list of great alternative games like you should try.

Ten Best Games like


Download: Andriod, IOS, Website.

Wanted to play games like, then you should check this game out this slither game. The is a massively played multiplayer player game, which comes in the same genre of Agar. This game was released in 2016, and it is having thousands of fans around the globe. Its craze in web browser lets developers to launch Android and IOS app.

The Slither reminds us the classic snake game, which we used to play on Nokia’s phone. For most of the people, this game reminds their childhood memories while playing this old arcade snake game. The popularity of the slither game has made Alexa rank this game site as one of the 1000 most visited sites in 2016.

The slither game is a multiplayer game so that you can play this game online and you can compete with hundreds of other users. The primary objective of this game is to eat other players and increase their size without colliding with others.

At the start of the game, the player will be presented with a snake or worm, and they should eat all the color pallets of other players. As you eat other players, your snake size will increase, so you should play carefully without colliding with other snakes. If you collide with other players, then you will die. This game is a perfect alternative to games like


Download: Website. is another fantastic game, which is created by IO games. This blobble game is similar to the game in gameplay, mechanics, and graphics as well. The game is relatively easy to play and control when compared to the other io games. You can simply control everything in this game with the help of your mouse.

Left click option will help you to select things from the user interface, and apart from that, you can select things on the map as well. This is an entertaining game with many exciting elements.

The fundamental concept of this game is you have to protect your base from other players. There will be different barriers and towers around your base. In this game, you have to defend your own base along with conquering other player bases.

This will help you to increase your base power, and it will make you superior to others. In this game, you can create weapons to kill your enemies. Along with killing, you can slowly conquer other bases.

That is the reason why this game is so exciting to play and to get rid of boredom. If you are looking for an action packed game like Then you should try this game.


Download: Andriod, IOS.

Most of you might be familiar with this game because this is a popular game. If you have not touched this game yet, then you are missing lots of fun. is a game where you can enjoy defeating troops of your enemies.

The is a massively played multiplayer game. Here you can compete with your friends and family members, and you can show them who the best one is. This game can be played with the maximum of six players together. Here all you have to do is defeat your enemies’ tanker by throwing off bombs and incredible powers.

You can unlock new features and new tankers in this game just by beating your enemies. This is similar to the games like, so you will definitely like this game. You can enjoy a lot by playing the game that is the reason why I have included this game in this list.

If you are bored with playing snakes, works or other masses you can make use of this tanker to play freely. This game has both Android and iOS versions so that you can enjoy this game even in your mobiles as well.


Download: Andriod, IOS. is another game you can start playing with ease. Actually, when you see this name, it reminds you of the scientific term of mitosis. In general, mitosis is a single cell, which is divided into two equal parts. This dividing into two equal parts process will go on continuously.

This game does the same as the scientific term. The player will start playing this game as a cell. Here the players need to eat as many cells as they can so that they can increase their cell. Along with eating other small cells, they have to stay away from the other bigger cells so that they won’t end their game.

This is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends and family members to add more fun. Here you have to take care of eating objects because if you eat a virus, then you will end up splitting into many small cells. In that case, you have to play the game all over again that’s why you have to be careful while playing this game.

When coming to entertainment, this game provides everything; you want such as competition, fun, graphics and so on. That is why you have to try these games like to have a good time.


Download: Website. is another game, which is from the developers of IO games. This is a similar game to You will simply love this game because of its divide and rule policy. Have you heard about the divide and rule strategy? Of course, most of you might hear about this plan, because this approach is applied in lots of movies and videos games.

With this game, you can have lots of fun because of its intense movie like strategy. In this game, you have to claim the territories as large as you can and as far as you can. To do this firstly, you have to divide your lands, and you have to mark them.

After marking, you just need to mix those in your territory. Even though its sounds simple but it’s not because you should face other people online. As this is a real-time multiplayer game, many people will also play this game. They will always try to attack your territory, so you are always in a danger zone. That’s why you should protect your territory at the same time you have to attack others and expand your area.

When you think of action genre games, then you should think about this game. This game has lovely visuals and sounds, so you will never feel bored while playing this game. That is the reason why I mentioned this game in this list of games like


Download: Andriod, IOS.

As we are talking about the action games, genre, and games like will be another great option to this list. This was released in 2015 and since then it is having thousands of fans around the globe. is developed by wingsio, at the start, this was only a web browser game but later on by seeing the tremendous response from people.

Developers has launched Android and iOS versions of this game. So you can enjoy this game on your mobile devices as well. This is a game, which starts in outer space, here as a player you are going to play this game on a plane. So this is far better than snakes or worms, and you will love this game. is a 2D shooter game, which is all about fighting and killing others. Here you have to shoot out all the other planes. As this is a multiplayer game, you can play with your friends as well. Apart from shooting other player aircraft, you have to protect your plan from other planes attack. By far this game is having a good response from the crowd, and you can enjoy a lot by playing this game. Therefore, you can simply try this game instead of playing


Download: Website.

Gungame is another game, which you will simply love to play. This is a game, which is having good sound effects and visual effects when compared to all the games like You can see the entire galaxy in this game with full of asteroids and fearless enemies.

This gun game is a multiplayer game so you can involve as many friends as you can to enjoy the best gaming experience. In this game, you have to kill more players to improve your plan. You have to start from a point where you will have minimal powers and weapons when you kill other players you will increase your strength.

With this action, packed game you can kill as many players you can to have fun. In this game, you can make your own strategies, and you can play on your own terms. You don’t have to listen to the computer. If you play with the brave plan then you will survive from other players or else you will die.


Download: Website.

Having lots of interest in action-packed genre games? Then you can try this game, which is released by the same group of This is a game, which is mostly based on the strategies and planning.

The braver you plan, the more time you will survive. In this game, you have to take care of every step you play, or else you will be terminated, and you should start from first. So, play this game with proper care. This game is similar to the games like, and you will find gameplay and mechanism in this striking game.

As this is a multiplayer game, you will find lots of other players challenging you and attacking you. You have to cover your base land from all the other players. At the start of this game, you need to form towers and barriers to protect your property. Along with towers, you should conquer other territories as well to increase your power.

This game is similar to all the action-packed games, once you lose your base, then everything you achieved will be deleted, and you have to restart the game again. That’s why you have to be more conscious while playing this game.


Download: Andriod, IOS.

Are you interested in playing a game like classic snake game? If yes, then this is a perfect action packed game for you. This game is more like, and it is similar to the games like At the start, this game is only on web browsers but as its craze increased its developers launched both Android and ios apps.

This game is bit different when compared to the old arcade game, this game is more flexible, and it is hard to survive in this game. The rules are a bit harsh in this game; you should not touch your own tail, or walls and other players. If you touch them, then you will die, and you have to start from first.

In this game, you have to eat as many dots as you can. As you eat dots, your snake will be increased, and as the size increases, it will be a bit difficult for you to play. This super is a competitive game you should try.


Download: Website. is yet another game with a biological term. This game is a biology driven game similar to the mitosis game. is a crazy game, which is having a concept of ovary and sperms.

This is some kind of adult game. In this game, you will start playing as a sperm just like other players. As this is a real time game, you are going to have serious competition out there.

In this game, you have to fertilize as many ovaries as you can before the other players. You can get some power-ups and booster on a timely basis so that you can increase your power. In this game, you need to make sure that your tail should not collide with other players. If you have a contact with other players, then you will have to start this game from the outset.


These are the best games like you have to try. All these games on this list are worthy to try. So you don’t have to think about trying these games, go ahead and try these games to have some fun.

If you have any other popular games in your mind, then you can let us know them in the comment section below. We will have a glance at them, and we will try to include them in this list of games like


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