15 Best Linux Conky Themes

Best Linux Conky Themes

Conky is software system monitor that is in lightweight and free of cost. It is available for X windows system that is used by Linux. Conky is a highly designing software system monitor who enables you to monitor various system variables which hold the standing of the CPU, disk storage, memory, swap space, battery power, system messages, inboxes, music players, weather updates, e-mail inboxes, temperatures, breaking news, etc…Conky offers you many unique features in that it takes up fewer resources than other system monitors.

The application’s foremost use is to collect and exhibit location in one build-up location and can be installed & used on many devices flawlessly. You can basically get any creative set up that you want from this program as it is discernible in that many several users have coded various scenario and version of conky. Here in this article, we’re going to discuss Linux conky themes which allow you to customize your screen’s layout. This will show you the information of the system like you can see the CPU usage, upload and download speed, battery of your device. Below we’re going to mention the list of Conky themes which will help you to best setups for your PC.

List of Best Linux conky themes

Black Pearl Conky

The format of Black pearl conky is quite clean and easy to navigate, it is dark and rather futuristic and suggests the controls of an almost spaceship-like operating system. Font and info-heavy HUD-style display and black pearl’s dark & slightly metallic color scheme attract the users and games lover of X-com, Halo, and EVE Online etc. This conky will drag you since you are already accustomed to receiving erudition that is exhibited in this customary format in the case if you’re a gamer.

Conky Vision Theme

Conky vision theme brings you a very simple designed with legible data and the key of information that you want. Font and spacing of conky vision theme are similar to that already installed the app on your phone which are instantly accessible when you first purchase a new smart device that is easy to read and have good out or design. This app brings you the prominent display of the date and time, weather updates for next five days, complete with weather icons. Conky vision theme more like an iOS and Android widget.

Conky Black Diamond Theme

Conky Black Diamond Theme contains a shadow effect that makes the theme like it has the transparency effect common in nicer Android and iOS widget. It provides you the time, date, weather forecasting, all the CPU data, music track which you are currently playing. The theme seems to be extra clear at a glance and easy to read even for the new user as it contains separate box which consists of a different group of data.

Jelly Conky

If you want a clean, pure and featherweight appearance of Android’s jellybean OS. It brings you a simple, and easy to read out the date, time, weather updates, etc…Jelly Conky theme is compatible for using on a mobile as well as tablets. This feature is unique and valuable for the users as the other themes only designed for the use on PC desktop.

 Arch Conky

Arch Conky is similar to Black Pearl conky theme which eases you to read the features but it provides a bit of a different feel with a large extent of data spread out all over the desktop. You can know about the level of your device with the help of half-circles. For instance, it give the details like how much battery levels and space you have

Metro Style conky

This theme provides you colorful and attractive details of every data. It organizes each piece of data into its own different colored box. For instance, you will get the date, time, temperature, Gmail, file system, chromium, CPU & Memory with certain colors.

 Conky Rings

Conky Rings are simple and sophisticated as well, which overwhelmed with modern outlooks. Conky Rings creator has updated its features by adding 2 bars in CPU which are now total 4 CPU bars.

Sparkly Conky

A sparkly conky theme provides you the information along with the date, time, weather and other details on the left side of your screen. Many users love this theme’s sleek layout which impressive and easy to read.

Numix-Inspired Conky

This Theme is presented the time and weather forecast in a circular display. It was formed by the inspiration of  Numix’s designs for Android and Linux.

Thin Time Conky

Thin time conky displays the time on your monitor in a number names for instance- 2:33 timing will be shown to you as two thirty-three. It’s an amazing thing which helps and eases for you to access.

Trays Conky

Trays conky comprises of the features which display a vertical navigation bar on the left side of the desktop. The overall color of the desktop will be bright or dark on this theme and various options like time, date, CPU, Memory usage, etc…Will be shown in different colors. Here the time will be displayed as twelve forty-six.

Cornet Conky

This theme presents you a bright and sleek layout, which shows you current date, time and weather. The clock is shown in round shape and in multi-colored. Moreover, the time is displayed as both in digital and hand-on-clock format.

Crazy Cool Conky

This theme as its name suggests displays the time, date and day in a cool and crazy writing style. It displays the slick and futuristic look with graffiti street art. You will surely get impressed by these theme style which I have mentioned you.

Elegant Conky

Elegant Conky brings you a very calm and peaceful effect on its outlook. It displays the white text against the Blue-grey background when you start your PC screen. It provides you the details of date, time, how much battery remaining, etc…

Sidebar conky

Sidebar conky has a red-orange and black theme which shows the information of your system monitoring. It displays vertically on the left side of the desktop which gives you full month calendar, graphs of your CPU1 and CPU 2, Upload and download speeds details.

So, these are the best Linux conky themes which can help you to change your simple desktop into the attractive and colorful desktop. These themes consist of many unique and exciting features which you’re introduced with. I hope that these themes will surely be liked by you.


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