In today’s world, everyone desires to have an amazing Smartphone like iPhone or any other ios device. IPhone gives us a superior touch quality and wide brand esteem, the iPhone itself consider as classy these days. But along with the supreme quality and brand value, have you ever thought about the phone security, i.e. security of your own personal information on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, here we are discussing the antivirus for iPhone or iPad.

In the current scenario, people are more sensitive to the security issues related to all personal information such as photographs, reports, recordings, music and so on. So, to protect all your important data, you just need a good antivirus for your iPhone and iPad.

There is a lot of free antivirus application accessible for iPhone and iPad on App Store. But for an iPhone user, it might be difficult in choosing right antivirus for free. Here is the list of 10 best Anti-Virus for iPhone free download which will give you a chance to pick the best antivirus for your iPhone; and in addition secure your exceptionally essential personal information.


Avast Secure Me

Yes, its name clarifies it all. Avast is a renowned antivirus site. They give us the huge collection of antivirus app for free and pro versions of all accessible stage. You can free download the app for your iPhone from the app store and from Avast website. The Avast secure me is the world’s first application that ensures all iOS gadgets while gadget is associated with WLAN or Wi-Fi. This app allows you to auto scan for all accessible Wi-Fi and ensures you whether it is safe of not. In spite of the fact, Avast secure me highlights VPN (virtual private network) which allows encryption as well. You can secure your personal details such as your messages, program history, and all the important information from the bad guys or the criminals.


Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best portable securities for iPhone or different ios gadgets. There is an option of backup of your all private information. This app also secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi, if network is found to be unsafe by the lookout application. It additionally tracks your iPhone or iPad and can also find your lost iPhone. Lookout is free to download for your iPhone and give your phone finish assurance.


McAfee Mobile Security

Mcafee is also one of the antivirus brand name in this field. Mcafee notifies you about the any harmful bugs which enter your iPhone and provide security to your device. You can download this application for free but for pro-versions may be you need to pay some bucks. This application provides the protection from the unsecured website if there are any harmful issues found.


Norton Mobile Security

Norton is also one of the most known security brand. The installation of this app helps to recognize the risk applications from your introduced iPhone or iPad gadget and also protects your device from cyber crimes. Its safe browsing feature also protects your unsafe website browsing and provides you the caution from the unsafe website including fishing and malicious links. It is an all packed portable security which iPhone clients can download for free.



Virus barrier application allows the iPhone and iPad users to download it for free on their device. It quickly examines your iPhone information, detects the malicious or corrupt files and fastly repairs it. Virus Barrier not just secures your iPhone; it encourages you to protect your Mac or Pc from malicious records. Virus barrier application includes many features like safe browser, location tracker, and safe Wi-Fi interface to ensure protection to your iPhone device.


Avira Mobile Security for iOS

Yes, this portable security app protects your personal information or data of your device such as phone contacts, media files, and emails and even your debit and credit card numbers. Mobile Security application is useful to locate your lost iPhone. Also it can track your phone’s stick point geo-area. Commonly, Avira mobile security protects your iPhone device from malicious threats like, undesirable calls prevents saving money Trojans and a great deal.


360 Mobile Security

Like every antivirus application 360 security app also shield your iPhone from raising danger or malware. Trojans detects the malicious applications in your device. It also secures your personal data, calls and SMS channels, screens your data usage. It also consist of a dedicated feature FIND MY PHONE to find your lost iPhone. Along with this, 360 securities have a versatile mobile optimizer which improves the performance of the device. It also recognizes copy documents which are exceptionally needful element by 360 Security.



Yes, currently most of the people love to spend their time on the internet on the devices. F-security has a feature for safe-browsing that allows you protect your iPhone and other ios gadgets while performing web related activities, hence keep your all personal information secure from the thieves and criminals. It includes some additional features like it blocked undesirable calls, recognize and clean unsafe applications, mobile recovery to find out and erase gadget information on your lost iPhone gadget.



Mobishield is a good antivirus. This application can secure your information and applications by checking your phone threats and quickly repairs and erase it. It is highlighted with a feature of backup and recovery contacts. It optimizes your phone battery and more applications. You can download this application from App Store for your iPhone for nothing.


Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro mobile security app is multinational security software which is really impressive though it is in the last of our list.  It is like all antivirus discussed above. It also protects the iPhone device from any malicious stuff and protects the private information and contacts.

All these applications are sufficient to secure your information, photographs, and other critical information. Likewise, this application prevents and erases malware/infections from your gadget. The most important reason to have a good antivirus is that you have to shield every one of your information from programmers. Every single individual who possesses a cell phone like iPhone and iPad or any other ios gadget stores different critical information like ATM points of interest or saving money points of interest or some other critical data on their cell phone so when the gadget gets attacked, this information can be protected to get hacked with the help of an antivirus.

So, that is the reason why you need to take a look at these best antivirus applications and install one of them to protect your device and information from various major threats. Moreover, the best privilege is that you are getting these applications for free.

These 10 free antivirus for iPhone and iPad are easily available to download and you can use them in accordance with their features.


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